Muslim Culture Club: Showcased at the Club Fair among the several other new clubs created this year was Muslim Culture Club. Junior Aliyah Aftin has been working with Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Ms. Joanne Beauvoir Brown to start this new opportunity. Aftin recognized there was a gap in whatContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hi, how are you today, Asher? Asher Lubin: I’m good. How are you? KN: I’m doing great. I know this is your first year as Student Body President, but how did you take your role as treasurer and translate it into your current position? AL: I feel likeContinue Reading

What is Going on in Israel Right Now? On Oct. 7 at 6:30 in the morning, Hamas, a terrorist group driven by genocidal racism, launched a planned attack on Israel in an attempt to gain leverage and annihilate the country. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, which is a Palestinian regionContinue Reading

In early 2021, Jackson State University (JSU), a small Historically Black College and University (HBCU) located in Jackson, Mississippi, hired hall-of-fame cornerback Deion Sanders (Coach Prime) as their head coach. Coach Sanders began his coaching career at JSU, and during his tenure, he completely turned around the JSU football programContinue Reading

Atlanta will soon be getting our very own Michelin Guide! Every year, the Michelin Tire Company announces their ratings of various restaurants around the world.  Previously, no Atlanta restaurants had been considered for Michelin stars, but on July 11, Michelin announced their anonymous inspectors would be visiting Atlanta to possiblyContinue Reading

Conflict in the far east has risen to new heights with increased Chinese aggression toward Taiwan. When the Communists took control of China, many people fled to Taiwan including the former government. Since then, mainland China has always been trying to reunite the two. Tensions have always been high betweenContinue Reading

This past Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023, Kevin McCarthy was fired from his position as Speaker of the House. His firing was led by members of his own republican party who were unhappy with his attempts to stop a government shutdown. Eight members of the republican party, along with 208 DemocratsContinue Reading

Fantasy Football is thrilling, infuriating and nerve-wracking. Now that football season is around the corner, billions of people worldwide are drafting their teams. Once teams are drafted trash talk immediately ensues and rivalries begin. Friends join together into leagues of many varieties. After the draft, each person immediately has prideContinue Reading

This past summer, cinema’s popularity had increased majorly. With blockbusters such as “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”, everyone made their way to the theater. Along with the Barbenheimer frenzy, movies like “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” and “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” also garnered large crowds. The cinema was the placeContinue Reading

The race is on to discover which Republican will challenge Incumbent President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. The Republican primary elections will start Jan. 15 which means that candidates have already started debating, campaigning and raising money.  The frontrunner seems to be former President Donald Trump, promising aContinue Reading

On Aug. 14, former NFL player Michael Oher sued the Tuohy family for never officially adopting him. Instead of adoption, Oher had been under a conservatorship, which allowed the Tuohys to have authority over Oher’s medical and financial situations. In this recent lawsuit, Oher requested that the Tuohys end hisContinue Reading

The Pace Academy community focuses on its newest initiative of Mental Health. Student’s mental health is as important as ever with all of the surrounding pressures inside and outside of school. Pace has advocated for years that students should practice self-care and focus on themselves through many long assemblies, theContinue Reading