This summer, the box offices will be booming with loads of thrilling new films. Some of these highly anticipated films include “Joy Ride”, “Oppenheimer”, “Elemental” and even a new “Spiderman”. These films only scratch the surface of all the amazing movies awaiting people in the summer. Viewers could potentially haveContinue Reading

Recently, 259 men made their dreams come true. These men were drafted into the National Football League (NFL) in one of seven rounds, across Apr. 27-29. Typically, analysts, fans and NFL enthusiasts alike all give their opinions on which teams were the biggest winners and losers of draft night. Arguably,Continue Reading

Dating back to around the 14th century, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with romance and joy… for a few. When someone has a valentine, the day is awesome, as you have a day dedicated to your own relationship and connection. Some people are not fortunate enough to have aContinue Reading

The essence of a rivalry in college football unites all fan bases across the nation. This past weekend, rivalry week was in full swing as numerous different rivalries sparked tension across teams and fans. Some of the headliner games include #3 Michigan vs #2 Ohio State, #1 Georgia vs GeorgiaContinue Reading

As the war in Ukraine rages on, a new conflict has arisen. On Sept. 13, 2022, a shootout ensued along the Armenian and Azerbaijani border, resulting in 207 dead Armenians and 80 dead Azerbaijani. By the next morning, Azerbaijani forces had taken about 10 km of Armenian land. The twoContinue Reading

This summer, many notable movies were released such as “Top Gun,” “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” “Elvis,” “Thor: Love and Thunder” and many more. Some of these movies were major hits such as “Top Gun” and “Elvis”.  “Top Gun” followed the story of Tom Cruise (Maverick) as he makes hisContinue Reading

GAP day, or Great American Picnic Day, is one of the most anticipated school days of the year. The exhilaration is filled with games, food and physics competitions. At around 10:30 a.m., Phlotilla occurred, where numerous groups of freshmen created their own makeshift boat in order to win the raceContinue Reading

Tensions in Eastern Europe are flaring as Russia is preparing to launch an invasion into Ukraine, and Ukraine has no intention of backing down. In recent months, Russia has been amassing troops on their Ukrainian border. Many people hoped that this demonstration was just a show of force, but instead,Continue Reading

The road to March Madness has officially begun, and all college basketball teams are getting ready for their season. Many fans across the world are hoping that this will be the year for their team to make it all the way. This season is sure to be one to rememberContinue Reading

Oktoberfest is the largest Volksfest, beer festival and traveling funfair, in the world. It is held every year in Munich, Germany dating back to 1810. The first Oktoberfest comes from King Ludwig’s marriage celebration and the festivities and parties stuck. It is a 16-18 day festival running from September toContinue Reading