Newspaper is a year-round elective where students grades 10 through 12 complete six newspaper issues per year. This year eight seniors participated in the course. 

There were three Co-Editors-in-Chief, David Fu, Ellie Siskin and Reed Millner. In the 2023-2024 school year, they guided new staff writers on beginning writing, starting layout, and overseeing any problems that the staff would face. They overlooked the video and helped approve many articles. They set the tone for the staff and created a healthy work environment for staff to work in. Siskin stated “I loved getting to learn about people around the school through interviews and working with people throughout the class.” They will be sadly missed and all of the staff is so grateful for the work they have done. Next year’s Co-Editors-in-Chief are rising Seniors Etan Gerber, Megan Klingler and Brian Silverboard.

Zachary Meyerowitz, who served as the online editor, helped keep the website up to date and made sure articles were published on the site as well. Next year’s online editor is Sophomore Sophia Webb. “I enjoyed the website this year. If I forgot to pick a newspaper up in assembly, I could stay updated on the website. I am so happy that one of my really good friends is taking over this position and I know she will do an amazing job,” said Sophomore Bella Goings.

The Pace News editor was Alice Gash for this school year. She assisted in all of the articles having to do with the current news happening at Pace and helped staff come up with story ideas. She stated “Meeting people in all grades is my favorite part about newspaper. I know I will always have fun conversations when I come into this class.” Next year, Pace’s News editor is Sophomore Anne Weiss. “Anne is a great pick for Pace News because I feel she knows what happens at Pace at all times,” said Freshman Londyn Wilburn.

Harrison Leusink was this year’s sports editor, which entailed his constant effort to make sure all sports-related articles were perfectly crafted. Leusink spent his time in newspaper honing his sports knowledge and teaching himself the skills he needed to succeed as the sports editor. Next year, the position will be handed down to Sophomore Grant Chase.

Kaci McCray held the position of Multimedia Editor which meant that she worked with staffers interested in producing video content and slideshows for the Knightly News website. McCray also showcased her skills in taking charge of the layout of the newspaper. She stated “My favorite part of newspaper in high school was when I worked on the Dr. Carter and Dr. Haizlip newspaper video. I also loved morning breakfast with my other staffers.” Next year, her position will be passed down to Sophomore Bennett Cummings.

Managing Editor, Hannah Much, supervised the newspaper to make sure it was going in the right direction. She made sure all stories had photos and helped plan parties for staffers’ birthdays. The next year’s managing editor will be passed to Harrison Silver. “I am so glad Harrison will be taking over this newspaper job. I am sure he will work hard and do an excellent job to make sure the newspaper turns out great!” said Junior Drew Martin.

Sadly, Seniors have to graduate at some point. Thank you Seniors for setting a work ethic for everyone to follow. The Seniors will be missed, but the remaining staffers wish them the best of luck for the next step in their lives. Thank you to David Fu, Ellie Siskin, Reed Millner, Zachary Meyerowitz, Alice Gash, Harrison Leusink, Kaci McCray and Hannah Much!

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