When it comes to the lives of celebrities, everyone seems to have an opinion. One of the more recent celebrity dramas involves comedian John Mulaney’s recent divorce from Anna Marie Tendler and has been the subject of much online attention. A hashtag named after this divorce has 359.5 thousand viewsContinue Reading

Unbeknown to many, if not nearly everyone, Aug. 17 was the annual National Thrift Shop Day. Though this day is hardly anything more than a deal at your local Goodwill, thrift shopping has been prevalent for over a century and is still a popular choice today. For centuries, clothes wereContinue Reading

One of the most stressful tasks of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for family and friends, especially when on a budget. Hopefully, these gift ideas will relieve some of the stress and make it a more enjoyable experience!  For moms: During the cold winter months, everyone justContinue Reading

Looking at the movies released in 2021, there were a variety of genres that made noteworthy films. With recent blockbuster titles such as “Dune,” Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” the film industry has produced entertaining movies over the course of the year. There are still thrillingContinue Reading

As the holiday season approaches, there are many fun and festive traditions that are crucial to this time of the year. No matter what holidays you do or do not celebrate, the winter is a time of celebration, festivity and happiness for all to enjoy.  Depending on the weather, snowContinue Reading

As the long awaited exam week approaches, the stress and confusion around how to prepare for these tests strengthens. Fortunately, Pace provides its students with more than enough resources and tips to diminish these worries and concerns. “Do not wait until the last minute. Studies have shown that we areContinue Reading

2021 has been a year for the books in music and film. As the world begins to open up again, many are back at concerts and in movie theaters. To celebrate the end of an artistically successful year, here are some of the top albums and movies. Back in fullContinue Reading

Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and HBOMax are a few of the big names that are leading the charge in the emergence of streaming and the downfall of cable TV. Streaming is an alternative to cable that allows for shows, movies and more to be watched on any device. BeingContinue Reading

For many Pace students, Oct. 11 is only viewed as a much-needed break, but across the country, a forced national reckoning over America’s racial legacy is taking place. Calendars, cabinets and councils have disagreed over whether to acknowledge this day as Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day; however, this yearContinue Reading