On May 24, 2022, members of the Pace Business Club visited the Coca-Cola headquarters to learn about the global corporation, its consumer products and business life structure. The Upper School Business Club is a new initiative started by members of the junior class and is geared towards navigating through theContinue Reading

Affinity groups and alliances were both created to support minority students at Pace. What is the difference between an alliance and an affinity group? Well, alliances such as the Black Student Alliance (BSA), Hispanic Student Alliance (HSA), Asian Student Alliance (ASA) and Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) are student-led. Affinity spaces,Continue Reading

Pace’s upper school club fair gives students the opportunity to form unique groups around specific activities. Each year, students create new clubs and carry on the legacy of old ones. Clubs like KnightFlix and Student Ambassadors are well known, but new additions of lesser known clubs have allowed students toContinue Reading

The voice of junior Blake Rodriguez echoes through the Fine Arts Center as he announces the latest RoboKnight news. The high school students listen, but many lack real understanding of the work Rodriguez does along with the other RoboKnights. Rodriguez, along with fellow veteran RoboKnights senior Ethan Much and juniorContinue Reading

A record 54 clubs took their place in the Inman Center at Club Fair on Sept. 17. Many new clubs such as the National Handball Association of the Academy (N.H.A.A.) and the Animal Service Club added a spark to Pace’s club life. Club veterans such as Trivia Knight and Baking forContinue Reading

What rhymes with tolotics flub and is super fun? Robotics Club! Every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 to 5 p.m., Pace students gather in the green room to learn about modern robotic technologies and have fun while doing it. Students build real robots that perform simple tasks, and compete againstContinue Reading

Where at Pace Academy can you find the unique combination of Latin-crazy people, students regularly seeking a teacher’s help, and freshmen with a quiz on Ancient Rome? You guessed it, the Junior Classical League, or JCL. It’s likely the only place at Pace where the feasibility of an aqueduct running fromContinue Reading

For students looking for a way to relieve the stresses of life, look no further than the Yoga Club. The club, which was founded by seniors Scarlett Chang, Alexandra McCorkle and Morgan Brewton-Johnson, meets once a week for an hour in the middle school dance room. The leaders founded theContinue Reading

For students looking for a chill ambiance in which to play frisbee, look no further than Pace’s Ultimate Frisbee club. The club was started by seniors Jake Pokalsky and Jacob St. Amand. They wanted to get the club up and going because they believed it offered them and other PaceContinue Reading

The Pace Academy Board of Diversity (PABD) wants students to know that diversity is more than race. PABD, which was officially formed second semester last year by current senior Nathan Sokolic, has redefined the vision of diversity at Pace. “This plan got students, faculty and administrators involved to work togetherContinue Reading

Football, basketball, water polo, one-act play. Which of these is not a GHSA sport or activity? That’s right, water polo. This sport, which resembles a mixture of swimming, handball and rugby, is not a GHSA-sanctioned sport. Instead, it is part of GHSWPA, the Georgia High School Water Polo Association, aContinue Reading

  “Men, to the races!” Junior Michael Sloman charged forward as chariots fell apart around him. Along with other members of the Pace Junior Classical League (JCL), he was at the Georgia Junior Classical League state Latin convention, where over 1,000 students came together to learn and compete with otherContinue Reading

On Sept. 10, Pace’s annual club fair welcomed a host of clubs, new and old. From trivia nights to sailing, and baking to raising spirit at basketball games, Pace is filled to the brim with distinctive clubs. Sophomores Hannah Kelly and Lacey O’Sullivan started the new club, Trivia Knights, afterContinue Reading