School’s out and summer starts, time to have a fun relaxing stress free summer. WRONG! Summer is the best time for self-improvement, especially because while others are lounging around, you can catch up. Sophomore Jack Lynch challenged, “But I just worked so hard the whole school year, I deserve aContinue Reading

Across 4. 7-time state champs 5. morning annoyance 8. Auction location 10. junior spirit week theme 14. never working 15. side street 17. May 17 18. Ms. Smith announcement 19. Fantasy Sports minimester teacher 20. South American ICGL destination 21. Freshman science project 23. Head of upper school Down 1.Continue Reading

After a successful SAB event where Pace students turned in their phones for the school day to win a prize, many students and faculty wondered if school would be better without these distractions. A large percent of Pace students participated, earning some ice cream during lunch. The event was organizedContinue Reading

The Falcons, Hawks and Braves are the most popular teams and stadiums in Atlanta. However, which stadium experience is the best?  Truist Park is an outdoor stadium that is home to the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Truist Park offers a variety of food options that include the mouth-watering H&F burger,Continue Reading

Dating back to around the 14th century, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with romance and joy… for a few. When someone has a valentine, the day is awesome, as you have a day dedicated to your own relationship and connection. Some people are not fortunate enough to have aContinue Reading

There seems to be shortages of everything recently, from food items to car chips, all linking back to a supply chain crisis. There is one shortage, however, that is completely unrelated: Christmas trees. Christmas tree growth has declined for a multitude of reasons, including an increase in artificial tree salesContinue Reading

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly one of, if not the best holiday celebrated in America. This day is best characterized by 4 F’s. Fall, family, football and most importantly, food. On the fourth Thursday of every November, family and friends gather to feast on foods rarely consumed during the rest of theContinue Reading

Last January, famous internet celebrities KSI “Knowledge Strength and Integrity” and Logan Paul announced their new product: Prime. With both creators having millions of followers, their ambitious venture became an instant success.  Being a sports drink, the main appeal of Prime is its nutritional value. It contains 10 percent coconutContinue Reading

The one-of-a-kind grocery store, Trader Joe’s, recently released their fall and Halloween-themed dishes and snacks. While Trader Joe’s is well known for their unique assortments, low prices and the store’s quirkiness, not all of these treats are worth your money.  The classic, Joe Joe’s cookies hit the shelves again thisContinue Reading

The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) is a heated debate that many people have everyday all around the world, especially when it comes to athletes. There are many aspects to consider when looking at the greatest athlete ever, including the type of sport they play, their achievements and success inContinue Reading

With Halloween right around the corner, haunted houses across the country have opened for a limited time. In Georgia, one haunted house located in Gwinnett County stands out: Netherworld. According to Customer News and Business Channel, Netherworld is the fifth scariest haunted house in the nation. Despite the attraction’s reputation,Continue Reading

Halloween is approaching and Oct. 28th is National Chocolate Day (not to be confused with World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day), so chocolate needs to be on its A-game. However, in these celebrations, there is an imposter in the world of chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate truly should not even beContinue Reading