The Chinese government has incarcerated more than one million Muslims in internment camps since the Chinese Communist Party gained control in 2014, yet the world has stayed silent for the most part. Every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the phrase “Never again, never forget,” is tossed around. But, it seemsContinue Reading

On Nov. 12, the United Nations concluded their twenty-sixth annual climate conference, known as the United Nations Conference of the Parties, or COP26, with mild success and also some bitter disappointments from certain member states. Many diplomats and over 130 heads of state met this year in Glasgow, Scotland toContinue Reading

Nearly every year, Apple releases a new iPhone. Millions of phones are sold, and billions of dollars are made. On average, Americans will replace their phones every 2-3 years. But why stop there? In my opinion, phone replacements should only be done every 5 years. It’s better for the environmentContinue Reading

On March 16, eight people were shot dead in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian American. While this news may seem shocking and out-of-the-blue, anti-Asian hate crimes have been on the rise for the past year and continue to increase as a result of xenophobic rhetoric related to the pandemic.Continue Reading

During the protests of 2020, a new chant came to hold just as much importance as Black Lives Matter: “Defund the police!”  Defunding the police is not a new idea – it has existed at least since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Prison abolitionists and critics of theContinue Reading

On Jan. 6, we all watched in horror as a pro-Trump mob stormed the United States Capitol building. While the insurrectionists smashed windows, looted the Capitol building, and chanted for the death of people like Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, the question was asked by hundreds and thousands across theContinue Reading

During the Trump administration’s time in office, various issues have come to the forefront of the nation’s thought; one in particular, however, has haunted discussion regarding the value of human life. According to Time, the Trump administration began executing federal prisoners again for the first time after a 17-year hiatusContinue Reading

Black History Month is a time to commemorate the achievements of Black Americans throughout history, such as the legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman. These influential people changed the course of history in America and often faced harsh backlash during their fight for justice, equality andContinue Reading

In the digital age, disinformation and misinformation can spread easily and quickly, especially over the hyper accessible format that social media provides. No matter what the original source is, false information can reach the entire world in a matter of minutes, and it often becomes difficult or near-impossible to discernContinue Reading

“The Great Gatsby,” “The Catcher in the Rye,” “Let the Great World Spin.” These are just three of the dozens of novels that are currently a part of the Pace Academy Upper School curriculum. And one may notice that they share a common theme: they are centered around a white,Continue Reading

Set your watches everyone. Seven years is all the time you have left before climate change becomes irreversible. Seven years before famine, drought, floods and suffering. Climate change has remained a pressing issue for years, yet our response to its rapid developments have continued to remain sluggish. We have alreadyContinue Reading