Freshmen The freshman class traditionally is expected to do the worst on Spirit Week; however, the Class of 2023 blew everyone away. Though working with a small budget, the freshmen somehow managed to put together costumes that perfectly expressed each character. Unfortunately, their decorations were sparse: paper plates and masksContinue Reading

Freshmen The Class of 2021 chose an animated show to begin their upper school Spirit Week careers with the Disney Channel series “Phineas and Ferb,” following in the footsteps of “The Incredibles” and “Fairly Odd Parents.” Covering the gardens with orange and blue streamers, as well as using chalk drawingsContinue Reading

Freshmen Every year, freshmen are only given $500 to spend on Spirit Week. They have the difficult task of allocating their small budget across decorations, banner and costumes. The Class of 2020 underachieved with their decorations this year, only using paper cutouts in the gardens between the Inman Center and the Arthur M. BlankContinue Reading

Time consuming, competitive, sleep depriving, dramatic and frustrating – these are all words that can be used to describe Spirit Week in the Upper School. While these days are intended to make the transition back into school after winter break more enjoyable, they can also cause as much anxiety asContinue Reading

Juniors The junior class chose “Star Wars” for their Spirit Week theme, which was a bit controversial given that the Class of 2012 chose that as their theme for Spirit Week 2009. However, the juniors did an excellent job with their decorations, video and dances, proving that “Star Wars” was an excellentContinue Reading

Freshmen Every year, upperclassmen are eager to see how the freshmen execute their first Spirit Week. This year, the Class of 2019 chose a rather unique theme, the Nickelodeon TV show, “The Fairly OddParents.” They decorated the trees between Inman and the Upper School with paper fairy cutouts. The freshmen had theContinue Reading

The Spirit Week edition of Three Looks honors three girls from the 2015 performances who pulled off the best and most memorable costumes despite stressful rehearsals, working on decorations and trying to complete homework with little-to-no sleep. They are freshman Melanie Crawford, sophomore Willie Lieberman and senior Caillin Cooke. Starting off the entireContinue Reading

Freshmen Although the freshmen came into their first Spirit Week fighting the odds of an almost definite last place, the Class of 2018 was not half-bad in their inaugural year. Even if they were awarded fourth place in the end, the young bucks did a nice job delivering their cuteContinue Reading

Freshmen: Since it was their first Spirit Week, no one had high expectations for the freshmen. Despite choosing the theme “Madagascar,” the freshmen unfortunately did not get too wild with their decorations. With single digit temperatures and high winds, they struggled with the elements, with most of their decorations aroundContinue Reading

Spirit Week relies on the work of many people to become the great success that Pace students expect and look forward to. Though everyone can easily see the efforts of the visual and performing artists, very few know the challenge of putting together the music mix for both the morningContinue Reading