Everyone receives the weekly Thursday email from science teacher Mr. Kevin Ballard about PAPUBA, but what really is PAPUBA. This acronym stands for the Pace Academy Pickup Basketball Association. The league was started over two decades ago in the early 2000s by math teacher Mr.Jason Smith and an English teacherContinue Reading

The world’s first partial heart transplant ,performed in spring of 2022 on an infant who needed a heart replacement, proved successful with functioning values and arteries. Prior to this innovative surgery, the procedure used non-living valves, which require frequent replacements, surgeries, and usually has a 50% mortality rate. The infant,Continue Reading

As exam week comes closer, smart study strategies are more important than ever. The Pace library is always a great study spot option, but a change of scenery can definitely make a difference in efficient studying. Here are some of the best study spots around Atlanta.   Foxtail Coffee Co. FoxtailContinue Reading

A group of 42 attorney generals are suing Meta and claiming that Facebook and Instagram have addictive features that target teens. This lawsuit focuses on children’s privacy concerns, negative impact on users and deceptive business practices, including lack of transparency.  Ever since the increase in popularity of Snapchat and TikTok,Continue Reading

Germany Travel this January with Head of History Department Mr. Tim Hornor, Math teachers Mr. Jason Smith and Dr. Heather McCloskey to explore Germany. From Jan. 5 to Jan. 15, students will immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of Germany, including the best and the worst. This tripContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hi, how are you today, Asher? Asher Lubin: I’m good. How are you? KN: I’m doing great. I know this is your first year as Student Body President, but how did you take your role as treasurer and translate it into your current position? AL: I feel likeContinue Reading

The Pace Academy community focuses on its newest initiative of Mental Health. Student’s mental health is as important as ever with all of the surrounding pressures inside and outside of school. Pace has advocated for years that students should practice self-care and focus on themselves through many long assemblies, theContinue Reading

Recently, a new bill called the Utah Social Media Regulation Act was signed into law which  prohibits Utah children under the age of 18 from going on TikTik and other social media sites between 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. The bill also blocks children from using social media platforms withoutContinue Reading

Over the holiday break, a once-in-a-generation blizzard hit Buffalo, New York, resulting in power outages, fatalities and many questions. Buffalo officials prepared themselves for another storm with a small group of emergency responders and supplies, but they never could have predicted what was to come. Prior to the storm, AccuWeatherContinue Reading

With the sudden rise of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), COVID-19 and flu cases, some experts are calling this season a ‘Tripledemic.’ While these illnesses have been around for a couple years, this winter is the worst it has been. “With increased RSV infections, a rising number of flu cases andContinue Reading

With Election Day over and results in, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp is re-elected, defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams. These two also faced off in the previous governor election in 2018 with the same result. This win was not unexpected as Gov. Kemp had been ahead in the polls according toContinue Reading

The Supreme Court is heating up after its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and expanding the reach of the Second Amendment last term, the court is facing harsh criticism from the public. Now, the public is even more interested to see what the court will discuss in the upcoming 2022-Continue Reading