The presidential election is set to occur later this year, on 5 Nov. 2024. As the date comes closer, many of the candidates have dropped out. As of now, the only candidates left are democrats Marianne Williamson and Jason Palmer, as well as current president, Joe Biden. Republican and formerContinue Reading

In the year 2024, it is important for students, teachers and voters to remain informed heading into this year’s election. With an abundance of information and a million different ways to consume it, people must yield on the side of caution when exploring different headlines.  All Pace Academy high schoolContinue Reading

The NFL regular season, which was plagued by quarterback injuries and filled with surprising stars, concluded on Jan. 7th. Backup quarterbacks like Joshua Dobbs, Jake Browning, Tommy Devito, and Gardner Minshew took the league by surprise with their Cinderella stories. However, these backup quarterbacks fell short and it was ultimatelyContinue Reading

The world’s first partial heart transplant ,performed in spring of 2022 on an infant who needed a heart replacement, proved successful with functioning values and arteries. Prior to this innovative surgery, the procedure used non-living valves, which require frequent replacements, surgeries, and usually has a 50% mortality rate. The infant,Continue Reading

Atlanta is adding another professional sports team to the list this winter as the up-and-coming RealPro Volleyball league begins its inaugural season. Named the Atlanta Vibe, the team has been practicing together for months with their impressive roster, and looks to expand the rapidly growing sport of volleyball even further. Continue Reading

Jeffrey Epstein, a prolific businessman, was convicted of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute in July 2006. Before Epstein was arrested he worked in finance and started his own firm. Epstein was very wealthy and owned multiple private islands, a jet, a house in Palm Beach,Continue Reading

A group of 42 attorney generals are suing Meta and claiming that Facebook and Instagram have addictive features that target teens. This lawsuit focuses on children’s privacy concerns, negative impact on users and deceptive business practices, including lack of transparency.  Ever since the increase in popularity of Snapchat and TikTok,Continue Reading

The upcoming year promises to be an active political season, with debates over foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel, new budgets, culture wars and a presidential election looming around the corner. The House of Representatives will be a key battleground for many of these issues, and much hinges on theContinue Reading

On Oct. 25, Army Reservist Robert Card opened fire in a bowling alley and a bar in Lewiston, Maine. This shooting resulted in the death of 18 people and 13 people being wounded. Card fled the scene, and because Maine is densely wooded and covered with lakes, he successfully escaped.Continue Reading

On Sep. 12, the game development engine, Unity Software, released a statement indicating that they would be adding a per-installation fee called the Unity runtime fee. As long as a Unity game passed a threshold of yearly revenue and total lifetime installs, it would be charged a flat fee perContinue Reading