School lunches are not the same around the globe. In fact, they look very different from country to country. Some countries prioritize nutritional value over others, and some follow a certain structure of courses to give children. In the United States, school lunches usually contain specific processed ingredients that crossContinue Reading

With the holiday season underway, there are many great foods to feast on. While some foods are a staple of their respective holiday and offer a great meal, others are unhealthy and disgust the palate. Here is the rankings of the best and worst traditional holiday foods: Tier S: Turkey:Continue Reading

Lucky for us, late night restaurants are plentiful in Atlanta. When you are craving late night classic, chain or unique experience, Atlanta has a ton of dining options to choose from after 10:00 p.m. From Waffle House to McDonald’s to Wendy’s and R. Thomas’ Deluxe Grill, rest assured that yourContinue Reading

Gummy hot dogs, macaroni and cheese gummies and mustard Skittles? Are these treats or really just tricks? Beware, because this halloween season, these spooky candies have hit the stores!  Classic brands including Kraft, Oscar Mayers and Claussen have partnered with  manufacturing company Frankford Candy to turn their products into sweetContinue Reading

The best fast food restaurant in the South has added new items to its menu. Chick-fil-A is a staple in fast food across the South. Personally, it is one of my favorite places to eat in America. I eat Chick-fil-A at least once a week, at the very minimum. Chick-fil-AContinue Reading

Atlanta will soon be getting our very own Michelin Guide! Every year, the Michelin Tire Company announces their ratings of various restaurants around the world.  Previously, no Atlanta restaurants had been considered for Michelin stars, but on July 11, Michelin announced their anonymous inspectors would be visiting Atlanta to possiblyContinue Reading

If you’re looking for delicious baked goods, the place to go is Mimi’s Treats! This new student-run business was created by Sophomore Mary Oyefuga over the summer. “I wanted a way to show kindness to others,” she said. Mary worked during 2022 to turn her passion of baking into aContinue Reading

Last January, famous internet celebrities KSI “Knowledge Strength and Integrity” and Logan Paul announced their new product: Prime. With both creators having millions of followers, their ambitious venture became an instant success.  Being a sports drink, the main appeal of Prime is its nutritional value. It contains 10 percent coconutContinue Reading

Have you ever found yourself craving some quality bakery food? Well, if this has occurred in the morning or on a Tuesday, Pala is NOT the place for you! Yes, you read that right. Pala Bakery is closed on Tuesday and opens at 3pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 11amContinue Reading