Dating back to around the 14th century, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with romance and joy… for a few. When someone has a valentine, the day is awesome, as you have a day dedicated to your own relationship and connection. Some people are not fortunate enough to have aContinue Reading

Knightly News (KN): Hi, guys. I’m glad we could find time to do this. Fred Assaf (FA): We’re happy to be included. KN: Awesome. Well, let’s begin with a simple question. How did you guys meet? Martha Assaf (MA): Oh, well, there are two versions of this answer! His is,Continue Reading

With Valentine’s Day this weekend, every girl is looking for that perfect guy to sweep them off their feet and make Valentine’s Day feel like a real-life rom-com. Well, ladies, look no further! The Knightly News Most Eligible Bachelor for this year is senior Will Brennan, an outstanding stud whoContinue Reading

Ugh. Another Valentine’s Day spent alone, wallowing in self-pity… The hours go by as you bury yourself under a comforter that isn’t even soft, while you devour chocolatey calories from a heart-shaped truffle box that never quite taste the same when you buy them for yourself. Is that really howContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up y’all? Ben Caldwell: Hey, Aman! Lily Kahn: Hey! Are you recording this? KN: Yes. Is that OK? LK: (Light chuckle) Sure.  KN: Alright, so how long have y’all been dating? BC: It’s been about three months now. Wow! KN: Good stuff. When did y’all firstContinue Reading

Before this Valentine’s Day, you were probably scrambling to find a last-minute date. Although there are a lot of fish in the sea, one stands out among them all this season of love. Well known for his laid back personality, hard-working mindset and fashion sense, he is a pleasure toContinue Reading

Every year on Feb. 14, countries in many parts of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day in which people in the United States share candy, cards and flowers with their loved ones. The holiday has turned into one in which many people use money to express their love andContinue Reading

An enigma, a paradox, a woman of mystery. All these terms and more come to mind when thinking of Pace’s 2020 most eligible bachelorette, senior Maya Kaplan. Often spotted socializing in the Seaman Family Student Commons, working diligently in the Woodruff Library, or frolicking on the soccer pitch as anContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to revisit your favorite romantic comedies, or enjoy a classic you’ve not seen before. Below are a few favorites: “Crazy Stupid Love” is more comedy than romance, but with such a stacked cast, there’s no way you can’t laugh. Steve Carell’s character, Cal Weaver, becomesContinue Reading

Knightly News: Charlie, Luisa, thanks for sitting down with me. Luisa Whitney: Of course. Charlie Kaye: Sure, man. KN: Let’s get into it, shall we? How long have you guys been dating? CK: Four months. LW: [noticeably perturbed] Eight months tomorrow. Charlie, if you’re going to be like that, thenContinue Reading

Imagine this: you’re sitting across from Pace Academy’s most eligible bachelor while eating the Cheesecake Factory’s delicate Oreo Dream Extreme. The aspiring rapper, professional NFL player, game designer, wealthy investor and business executive across the table from you compliments your mind and beautiful personality. You then continue the dream dateContinue Reading

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s date? Well, you’re in luck. Senior Bay Brickley has been crowned Pace Academy’s most eligible bachelorette and she’s looking to find her dream man this Valentine’s holiday. Characterized by her dazzling freckles and candid speech, Brickley is the perfect match for any lucky Pace bachelor.Continue Reading

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, many couples plan grand gestures weeks in advance to surprise their loved ones: elegant dinners, carriage rides or trips to the theater. But in the case of Ryann and Demetrius Smith, romance is in the details. When asked what their big plans were, both spousesContinue Reading