Atlanta is adding another professional sports team to the list this winter as the up-and-coming RealPro Volleyball league begins its inaugural season. Named the Atlanta Vibe, the team has been practicing together for months with their impressive roster, and looks to expand the rapidly growing sport of volleyball even further. Continue Reading

If you have not been a fan of NCAA Women’s basketball in the past, this is undoubtedly the year to start watching. This season is very promising to be both exciting and intense as some of the best players to ever go through the league all are after a singularContinue Reading

Though the announcement of her podcast coming out definitely caused some doubt and uncertainty among fans, “Hot Mess” is an interesting and entertaining listening experience from TikTok star Alix Earle. Talking about almost everything from stories from her alma mater, the University of Miami, to her experience at New YorkContinue Reading

While other years of sports may be remembered for epic wins or famous underdogs, 2022 had a very different pattern. As athlete after athlete announced their retirement to the world, the world of sports was altered. Even more, these people were not just any athletes; they might even be calledContinue Reading

Remember those stories you have heard about robots taking over the world? They may not be exactly accurate, but with robots replacing increasing amounts of jobs previously done by humans, they clearly seem to be on the rise. Simple jobs, especially those in the food industry such as flipping burgers,Continue Reading

August 24, 2022 was a contradicting day for the nation of Ukraine. While it marked the day of independence from their Soviet rule and called for celebration, it also marked the six-month anniversary of the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, 2022. Since this date when Vladimir Putin announced a “specialContinue Reading

Held in Minneapolis, MN, the Women’s NCAA March Madness showcased exciting matchups, star players and many historic moments for the women’s game. Coming into the tournament, the one seeds were Louisville, South Carolina, Stanford and NC State, also accompanied by UConn as a two seed, projected to go far. SomeContinue Reading

Small green and yellow squares can be seen all over devices at Pace as students work hard to figure out the daily Wordle. A new game emerging in January and increasing in popularity ever since, Wordle is a quick daily puzzle where the player has to guess the five-letter wordContinue Reading

If the exciting Tokyo Olympics were not enough for you in 2021, the Winter Olympics are back for 2022 in Beijing along with 200 American athletes ready to compete. This year the seven different sports are biathlon, bobsledding, curling, ice hockey, luge, skating and skiing, with a record 109 differentContinue Reading