Many parents dream of having a gifted child. They play classical music for them in the womb, hire services like Kumon and Khan Academy for them, and jump at the opportunity for gifted classes. Though these students are undoubtedly being put in a good position to succeed academically, how doesContinue Reading

One morning in early October the winds began to blow and temperatures dropped as fall finally descended upon upon Atlanta. Along with the colder weather comes new and old trends alike. Here are the top five: 1. Pumpkin Spice: One popular trend is the emergence of pumpkin spice flavored foodsContinue Reading

There was an increase in floaties in recent weeks, as students played the “Assassin Game,” a four-week-long cat and mouse game played exclusively among seniors. Seniors were invited to sign up for the game online via a shadowy “commissioner,” with a five dollar admission price. A high stakes game, theContinue Reading

Nationwide, the flu this season has caused the highest number of cases and deaths since the swine-flu epidemic of 2009. The national average for doctor’s visits related to the flu is normally two percent. This year, the number has risen to about eight percent of visits. Deaths from the fluContinue Reading

In 1784, while acting as an American delegate in Paris, Benjamin Franklin came up with an idea in his essay “An Economical Project” that changed the way we keep time. He estimated that if Parisians woke up at dawn and went to bed at dusk, they could save the equivalentContinue Reading

Dreadful standardized tests frustrate juniors as they begin the college process. The SAT and ACT tests consume a lot of time, in that juniors are tasked with doing many hours of ACT or SAT prep and practice tests in addition to heavy work loads, sports and extracurricular activities. The ACTContinue Reading

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, many couples plan grand gestures weeks in advance to surprise their loved ones: elegant dinners, carriage rides or trips to the theater. But in the case of Ryann and Demetrius Smith, romance is in the details. When asked what their big plans were, both spousesContinue Reading

The voice of junior Blake Rodriguez echoes through the Fine Arts Center as he announces the latest RoboKnight news. The high school students listen, but many lack real understanding of the work Rodriguez does along with the other RoboKnights. Rodriguez, along with fellow veteran RoboKnights senior Ethan Much and juniorContinue Reading

Freshmen The Class of 2021 chose an animated show to begin their upper school Spirit Week careers with the Disney Channel series “Phineas and Ferb,” following in the footsteps of “The Incredibles” and “Fairly Odd Parents.” Covering the gardens with orange and blue streamers, as well as using chalk drawingsContinue Reading

In the Pace Academy Upper School, various fashion trends pop up throughout the year, which attract many students and encourage them to follow the crowd. Many of these trends are short-lived, however, only to be replaced by newer ones. Others occur annually, but only during certain seasons. Although primarily popularContinue Reading

The Pace cafeteria offers many tasty meals, but students especially enjoy the rodeo burgers, pizza and chicken tenders, according to a survey conducted by The Knightly News. KN recently asked upper school students what their favorite lunches are at Pace and received a total of 97 responses. It was noContinue Reading

“Senioritis” is the plague that infects high school seniors by slowly taking away their drive to study and finish schoolwork. It often hits during the spring semester when students finish their college applications. A number of seniors, however, have already decided which colleges they are going to by winter break.Continue Reading

Winter break is right around the corner, but before students pack their bags or settle in for some serious relaxation, they must get through the overwhelming exam week. With five exams in five days, these assessments are notorious for the stress that comes with them. Some students have already foundContinue Reading