• The new teachers are all smiles after experiencing their first Free-Style Friday.

    Pace Welcomes New Teachers

    Pace welcomed seven new teachers to the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School this year, along with head basketball coach Brian Jones. Each coming from very different backgrounds, all of the new faculty and staff bring something special to the […]

  • Junior Xori Johnson completes his homework in the ARC.
Photo: Conor Pelletier

    Heavy Workload, Athletics a Tough Balancing Act

    Recently, collegiate student athletes have gained national attention surrounding the issue of whether or not student athletes should be paid for earning their respective universities millions of dollars of profit. However, very little attention has been given to high school […]

  • Pace Students ‘Book-it’ for Woodruff Library

    Pace Students ‘Book-it’ for Woodruff Library

    Students and faculty of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School can thank Mrs. Jane Woodruff and her family for the creation of the new library. Their donation granted Pace with one of its finest areas. “The library might be my […]

  • Mr. Canfield poses with the stair-sword.

    Don’t Overlook Hidden Gems of the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School

    There is no doubt that countless hours of planning and hard work were put into making the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School one of the greatest additions ever to the Pace campus. With all the hoopla around the new […]

  • Seniors “Rise Up”

    Seniors “Rise Up”

    Wednesday, Aug. 20, 8:17 a.m. A disturbance occurs in the FAC as the Class of 2015 storms into senior year with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement. It was clear that the year was going to be special when Graham “G-BO” Hurley […]

  • Students on the Cambridge Global Education trip explored world economics with esteemed professors.
Photo: Tim Hornor

    Pace Students Explore the World

    While some Pace students were involved with internships or working at camps this summer, other students traveled the world with Pace faculty members. Global Ed Director Ms. Anderson and former Pace faculty Kevin and Jenni Coale took the 16-hour flight to South Africa with 13 […]

  • Freshman engaged in many fun, messy activities on the retreat.
Photo: Sara Eden

    Class of 2018 Ready for New School Year

    One hundred and nineteen freshmen made their way into the Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School this school year. Dean and Spanish teacher Allison Riley takes on her new class. Ms. Riley recently completed her role as dean of the Class […]

  • Mr. Gannon, Ms. Smith, and Mr. Owens cut the ribbon to open the new Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. 
Photo: Lee Wilson

    Pace Community Revels in Newly Opened Building, Field

    Students and teachers agree that Pace has never looked better than it does now. With the newly opened Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School and Walsh Field at the Pace Academy Athletics Complex at Riverview Road, Pace now has facilities […]

  • Syreeta Moseley is looking forward to a great academic year as head of the lower school. Photo: Jordan Harris

    Mrs. Moseley Honored To Lead Lower School

    It’s hard to describe the degree of dedication to education that the new head of the Pace Lower School, Mrs. Syreeta Moseley, has. “I feel honored to be in this position because I believe it is a great responsibility to oversee […]

  • Dra. Pontes enjoys her time working at the World Cup in Brazil this summer. Photo: Dra. Pontes

    Dra. Pontes Works World Cup

    While many Pace students spent their summer watching the biggest soccer tournament on the planet, the World Cup, Dra. Paula Pontes was in Brazil working as a volunteer at the games in her hometown of Belo Horizonte, at the stadium Mineirão. […]