• Students from Cambodia pose for a picture with smiling, happy faces.
Photo: Tricia Anderson

    Cambodia Trip a Life-Changing Experience

    While the majority of the Pace community was soaking up some much missed sun or getting the most out of the snowy weather on a ski trip this spring break, a group of Pace students traveled with Ms. Anderson, Mr. […]

  • Knight Capital Rampant with Corruption

    Knight Capital Rampant with Corruption

    Knight Capital has been a well-respected club in the Pace community and has donated nearly $11,000 of student-earned profits to Pace over the years. The club has even started a teaching award. However, things have taken a turn for the […]

  • "I can't survive without my beloved seasons of Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl," said Marsha Durlin.
Photo: Wilson Alexander

    Netflix Servers Crash, Will Take Months to Restructure

    The popular provider of on-demand internet streaming media, Netflix, crashed on the morning of April 1. As of September of last year, the site provided services to 40.4 million subscribers and membership has only continued to increase since that time. […]

  • Pace cheerleaders will be in full force on the golf course, cheering on the Knights.
Photo: Fred Assaf

    Cheerleaders Add Pep to Pace Golf

    “Golf is the most successful, most appreciated team at Pace,” said senior golfer Tripp Conrad, “It’s only fair that we should have as much support as other, less successful sports teams.” Pace’s athletic department agreed with Tripp, electing on April […]

  • Prashanth elected to attend Harvard this upcoming fall

    Prashanth Kumar Goes to College

    The season of college commitments has arrived for Pace seniors and, surprisingly, for one freshman by the name of Prashanth Kumar. Prashanth has continuously impressed the Pace student body and faculty since long before his entry into the Upper School, […]

  • Mr. Newman is one of many that are very upset about loosing the old upper school building.
Photo: John Morrison, Caitlin Jones, Dean Papastrat

    Teachers Mourn Loss of Old Upper School

    After the end of the 2012-2013 school year, Pace Academy ushered in a new era by tearing down its long-standing upper school building, thus clearing the way for the brand new Arthur M. Blank Family Upper School. Age and corrosion […]

  • The computer lab is consistently trashed by the underclassmen.
Photo: Aaron Wasserman

    Underclassmen Banned from C Trailer

    It is no secret that the underclassmen’s behavior in the C trailer has been less than stellar this year. The computer labs and study rooms are constantly bustling with underclassmen who seem to struggle with the idea of “inside voices,” […]

  • After befriending pop superstar Justin Bieber, most of the Assaf family and sophomore Spencer Hemmingway took a spring break vacation to Cabo with Bieber. 
Photo: Mick Assaf/Splash News

    Assafs Befriend New Atlanta Resident Justin Bieber

    Pop superstar and heartthrob Justin Bieber is eyeing a $10.95 million, seven bedroom, 16,000 square foot mansion on Blackland Rd. for purchase, reported TMZ,  just minutes from Pace. He recently rented the famous Spaceship mansion in Sandy Springs. Apparently, Beiber […]

  • The group toured the extravagant Sanssouci, a castle built by Frederick the Great in Potsdam, Germany.
Photo: Tim Hornor

    Journey to Germany: Global Education Trip Continues To Amaze

    You may have recently heard a select number of Pace students unconsciously utter the words “danke” and “entshuldigung” while they talked to you or moved past you in the hallways. The words you’ve been hearing are German, and they’ve become […]

  • Edge of the Earth isn’t just a band; it’s a group of best friends jamming out to the music they love.
Photo: Jones Kolbinsky

    Edge of the Earth Rocks Out to Different Beat

    Pace Academy is home to three members of Edge of the Earth, an emerging metal band in the Atlanta area. Seniors Jacob St. Amand (guitar and vocals), Charlie Burruss (guitar) and Tommy Burruss (bass) started the band with Jones Kolbinsky […]