Men’s Basketball :  This year, the Pace Academy men’s basketball team looks to repeat last year and win back to back state championships. Over winter break, the team excelled in their Nike Elite High School trip to Hawaii where they played some of the best teams across the country. TheContinue Reading

During the winter, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church (PRUMC) hosts a basketball league in which Pace teams often participate. This year, there are multiple teams per grade and they enter themselves to compete against other school teams in the area. Varsity basketball players aren’t allowed to participate in this league,Continue Reading

As many people miss the old Fortnite map and gameplay, Epic Games announced the return of “OG Fortnite” on Oct. 30th. On Friday Nov. 3rd, the update took place and Fortnite peaked in number of players with 6.1 million people online. The Fortnite map changed back to the Season FiveContinue Reading

New for 2023, Pace juniors and sophomores will be taking the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) online to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Bringing the digital aspect of the PSAT is a huge innovation for schools all around the country. Not only does this save paper, but itContinue Reading

New faculty join the Arthur Blank Upper School with hopes of preparing confident and fearless students. Hayley Conroy, Edna-May Hermosillo, Lena Andrews, Jillian Breen, Hannah Doyle and Bria Samuels are the new faculty members this fall. This year, we are welcoming three teachers and three faculty members. You may recognizeContinue Reading