KN: Describe your daily routine. Mr. Wescott: Depends on the time of year as to what’s going on. But I probably have a meeting at 8:30am. It could be with seniors, like yourselves, talking about upcoming release dates. It could be planning a strategy on what’s going on. It couldContinue Reading

The Knightly News: Hello Mr. Ewing. Ben Ewing: Hello Mr. Swann. KN: How do you feel about being the dean of the Class of 2026? BE: I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this new crew. KN: Glad to hear that. Is it emotional to move on from such an amazingContinue Reading

KN: Hey guys! How are you all doing?  Camille Caton: Great! Brian Lee: Doing great!  KN: To start off this interview, the readers want to know, are you both friends?  CC: No, I hate Brian. Just kidding. Yes, we are friends.  BL: We’re besties.  KN: How does it feel beingContinue Reading

KN: Hey guys! How are you all doing?  DAVID GRICE: Fantastic!  KN: Why don’t you all give a formal introduction for the readers?  BIANCA VANERI: Sure! I’m Bianca Vaneri! I’m the student body secretary.  DG: I’m David Grice, and I am the student body vice president.  JACK WAGREICH: I’m JackContinue Reading

KNIGHTLY NEWS: So what’s up? MEGAN HARDESTY: Good morning! MEGHNA SINGHNA: Jack, why are you being passive aggressive? KN: Okay, first question, how do you feel about leaving Pace and starting college? MH: It’s time to go. I’ve been here since fifth grade. No, but in all seriousness -Jack stopContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hi Nikki! How are you doing today? Nikki Rubin: I’m doing really well! Thanks for asking. KN: Of course. So, how has this school year gone so far? NR: It’s going great. I really like that as seniors we were able to pick our classes and create ourContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up Quincy? Quincy Downing: Sup! How are you? KN: I’m good, thanks. So, what position do you play for Pace football? QD: Right now, I play defensive tackle but next year I’m switching to offensive guard.  KN: Cool. How have you seen the team progress fromContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, JT. Jayden Thomas: What’s up? (throws the football to sophomore Sam Selig on the other side of the gardens) KN: So, you play baseball, basketball and football, right? JT: Yup. KN: Do you have a favorite? JT: I would say my strongest is football, but I likeContinue Reading