Knightly News: Hi Nikki! How are you doing today? Nikki Rubin: I’m doing really well! Thanks for asking. KN: Of course. So, how has this school year gone so far? NR: It’s going great. I really like that as seniors we were able to pick our classes and create ourContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, what’s up Quincy? Quincy Downing: Sup! How are you? KN: I’m good, thanks. So, what position do you play for Pace football? QD: Right now, I play defensive tackle but next year I’m switching to offensive guard.  KN: Cool. How have you seen the team progress fromContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, JT. Jayden Thomas: What’s up? (throws the football to sophomore Sam Selig on the other side of the gardens) KN: So, you play baseball, basketball and football, right? JT: Yup. KN: Do you have a favorite? JT: I would say my strongest is football, but I likeContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Abby! Abby Ray: Hey! KN: When did you come to Pace? AR: I came in ninth grade. KN: What’s your favorite class at Pace? AR: Hmm. I like Mr. Smith’s class because I like Mr. Smith, but I don’t like math that much (laughs). I also reallyContinue Reading

Knightly News: Hey guys. Nicole Petrosky: Hey! Jonathan Rushton: What’s up? KN: When did you guys start dating? JR: September 21. KN: How did you guys start dating? JR: We went on a date two weeks earlier and just kept talking. I don’t know what specifics you want. (chuckles) NP:Continue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Jack. Jack Brown: Hi! KN: How has the transition been from middle school to high school? JB: It has been pretty hard, but I guess most people have caught on pretty fast. KN: What do you think has been the hardest part about the transition? JB: Uh,Continue Reading

Knightly News: Hey, Paige! Paige Demba: Hi! KN: What year is this for you at Pace? PD: It’s my fourth year. I came freshman year. KN: How has senior year been so far? PD: It’s good. It’s really busy. My classes have been going pretty well, but we have collegeContinue Reading

KN: Hey India! India: Hello! KN: When did you originally come to Pace and when did you leave for India? IB: I joined in Pre-First and I left at the end of sixth grade, so this is my first year back. KN: What caused you to move to India andContinue Reading