On April 18 and 19, the cast of Mean Girls performed the annual spring musical to roaring crowds. Junior Elsa Nagle played the main character Cady Heron and junior Meghan Keller played the antagonist Regina George in the high school version of this popular show. “I’ve really enjoyed working withContinue Reading

Paris is the place to be this summer with the Summer 2024 Olympics beginning in late July! Starting on July 26th and closing on August 11th, this summer’s competition is a must-watch as it includes many exciting teams and even a new sport. In addition, the games will take placeContinue Reading

On March 13, 2024, the House of Representatives passed the act to ban the widely popular app, TikTok. This bill passed with a 352-65-1 vote in the House and a promise from President Biden to sign off on this act if it passes through the Senate. More specifically, the orderContinue Reading

Having a job over the summer would be a productive and useful way to spend your time. While going on vacations and relaxing at home may be fun, getting a job teaches life skills and allows you to make money for the 2024-2025 school year. Working at summer camps, lifeguardingContinue Reading

Indonesia is currently in the midst of building a new city, expected to become the official capital at some point this summer. The new capital, Nusantara is a replacement for the current capital city Jakarta. The primary reason for the new capital is to reduce the population density in cities,Continue Reading

The 2023-24 school year has been exciting for many reasons, but one of the reasons is the number of teacher babies. A total of seven faculty members are having children this year, including Mrs. Caitlin Terry, Mrs. Tamara Neiley, Dr. Kaylan Haizlip, Mr. Ben Ewing, Mrs. Amy Ruff, Mrs. JordanContinue Reading

Newspaper is a year-round elective where students grades 10 through 12 complete six newspaper issues per year. This year eight seniors participated in the course.  There were three Co-Editors-in-Chief, David Fu, Ellie Siskin and Reed Millner. In the 2023-2024 school year, they guided new staff writers on beginning writing, startingContinue Reading

This past spring break, the Isdell Center for Global Leadership (ICGL) commissioned four trips around the world. The goal of these trips is to give Upper School students a new outlook on the world, develop new leadership and communication skills and create student leaders. To reach this goal, each tripContinue Reading

The presidential election is set to occur later this year, on 5 Nov. 2024. As the date comes closer, many of the candidates have dropped out. As of now, the only candidates left are democrats Marianne Williamson and Jason Palmer, as well as current president, Joe Biden. Republican and formerContinue Reading

After a successful SAB event where Pace students turned in their phones for the school day to win a prize, many students and faculty wondered if school would be better without these distractions. A large percent of Pace students participated, earning some ice cream during lunch. The event was organizedContinue Reading

The Pace Academy class of 2024 is graduating this year and many are applauding the grade for their widespread friendship with each other. Students in this grade have been open-minded to the idea of making new friends, while withdrawing from judgment.  The senior class was not always unified. Many seniorsContinue Reading

Megan Klingler: Do y’all have a favorite Pace newspaper memory? Reed Millner: I really liked doing the escape rooms. Over the past three years I think they’ve been really fun, especially this year’s one. When you know everyone it’s a lot more fun. Ellie Siskin: I think when we wereContinue Reading