After a successful SAB event where Pace students turned in their phones for the school day to win a prize, many students and faculty wondered if school would be better without these distractions. A large percent of Pace students participated, earning some ice cream during lunch. The event was organizedContinue Reading

The Pace Academy class of 2024 is graduating this year and many are applauding the grade for their widespread friendship with each other. Students in this grade have been open-minded to the idea of making new friends, while withdrawing from judgment.  The senior class was not always unified. Many seniorsContinue Reading

In the year 2024, it is important for students, teachers and voters to remain informed heading into this year’s election. With an abundance of information and a million different ways to consume it, people must yield on the side of caution when exploring different headlines.  All Pace Academy high schoolContinue Reading

Dr. Don Dupree has been an English teacher at Pace Academy for 22 years now. Because of Doc’s thought-provoking nature and fun classroom environment, much of the student body is interested to learn more about Doc’s life. Brian: How’s it going Dr. Dupree? Dr. Dupree: As I keep saying toContinue Reading

What is Going on in Israel Right Now? On Oct. 7 at 6:30 in the morning, Hamas, a terrorist group driven by genocidal racism, launched a planned attack on Israel in an attempt to gain leverage and annihilate the country. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, which is a Palestinian regionContinue Reading

Famous music artist Khaled Mohamed Khaled, more popularly known as DJ Khaled, has recently stirred up social media with his inspirational and wise quotes. DJ Khaled is a contemporary rapper, producer and entrepreneur. His latest album, “God Did,” refers to one of his most infamous quotes: “They ain’t believe inContinue Reading