The cast of Mean Girls poses to applause. (Photo: Fred Assaf)

On April 18 and 19, the cast of Mean Girls performed the annual spring musical to roaring crowds. Junior Elsa Nagle played the main character Cady Heron and junior Meghan Keller played the antagonist Regina George in the high school version of this popular show. “I’ve really enjoyed working with this cast,” Keller said.

The decision to put on Mean Girls was particularly timely because the 2024 version of the Mean Girls movie is based off of the Broadway play and features some of the same songs as the spring musical! In the famous story, high school events are dramatized into hilarious hijinks as the students descend into chaos. The show showcases Pace’s dancing skills in the carefully choreographed performance, but the incredible dancing is not the only highlight; the show features impressive vocals and acting from all four grades. The cast members were excited to perform a more mature show, and especially one so recently in the news. “I think it’s definitely less kiddy and fits the age demographic better,” junior Hannah Klein said. “It’s a great show; we have really good talent this year.” 

Junior Nailah Beachem was in charge of marketing for the spring musical to best promote the show. She created posters, designed banners and organized presentations to the student body. “Mean Girls was such a fun show to market,” she says. “I had a great time putting together all the iconic moments from the movie and in the show.” Beachem also competed in theater marketing competition at Georgia ThesCon, the GHSA state competition. She earned a Superior rating and won a Critics Choice Award along with Carly Cannon for Solo Musical Theater. Working on marketing for Mean Girls “really helped me understand my role in the musical better,” Beachem said. 

The cast performed on both Thursday and Friday, and the Friday performance was also senior night for the theater, where they celebrated Seniors Jackson Allegra and Hannah White for a great four years of drama. “I’ve enjoyed the process and watching it slowly but surely come together,” said Allegra. Congrats to the cast of  “Mean Girls”!

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