Ever since Netflix released its new limited series “The Queen’s Gambit” on Oct. 23, viewers everywhere have been going crazy over it. The seven-episode series is based on Walter Tevis’ 1983 novel, following the story of chess prodigy Elizabeth (Beth) Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. The story follows her questContinue Reading

“Imagine Prom on steroids. The exclusive, high society Sadie dance breeds drama. In an attempt to control the catfights and rejections, a list is created where girls can claim dates before the extravagant proposals.” Sound familiar? That’s just the beginning of the Amazon blurb for a new novel released inContinue Reading

As the winter holiday season quickly approaches, celebrations may not be happening as they typically would. However, families and the Pace community are working hard to maintain their holiday traditions. And while many families celebrate only one holiday, several upper school students celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah.  This year, HanukkahContinue Reading

Like every aspect of life in 2020, the music industry has been deeply impacted by COVID-19. As the live concerts and other music events that people had on their calendars were canceled one by one, it became clear that 2020 was not going to be the year that everyone hadContinue Reading

Marvel fans everywhere know Anthony and Joe Russo, brothers with numerous directing and producing credits for films and television shows. They’ve directed blockbuster films such as “Avengers: Endgame,” the highest grossing movie of all time. The Knightly News had the opportunity to interview Joe Russo, one half of this dynamicContinue Reading

Late Night Bite – Insomnia Cookies Delivered until 3 a.m., Insomnia Cookies are the best late night bite in Atlanta. The chain has three locations in the city, on Spring St. near Georgia Tech, and in the Poncey Highland and East Atlanta neighborhoods. You can go in-store and order, butContinue Reading

The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping, meaning fall is upon us once again. There are many activities that are fall classics, such as apple picking, making jack o’ lanterns (my personal favorite), and raiding Starbucks of anything pumpkin spiced. One underrated activity is wrapping up in aContinue Reading

When COVID-19 began its rapid spread across the United States in March, many did not know what to expect for the film and television industry. Talk show hosts James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel quickly switched to virtual platforms, still managing to interview numerous celebrity guests. In the beginningContinue Reading

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted how most industries operate, including the film industry. When the world went on lockdown, film production halted. Many jobs were impacted since Hollywood supports over 2 million workers.  Movie theaters are a huge source of revenue, as box offices collected around $42 billion worldwideContinue Reading

As tensions rise between the United States and China, TikTok – the popular app with over 80 million monthly users, diehard fanatics and Charli D’Amelio – continues to receive scrutiny. On Aug. 6, President Trump signed an executive order requiring ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) to either sell or spin offContinue Reading

It has been six months since Pace was forced to shut its campus and shift to virtual learning last March, but COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on people’s lives. Beyond the physical and economic repercussions, the coronavirus has taken its toll on the mental health of many in the U.S.Continue Reading

Many parents dream of having a gifted child. They play classical music for them in the womb, hire services like Kumon and Khan Academy for them, and jump at the opportunity for gifted classes. Though these students are undoubtedly being put in a good position to succeed academically, how doesContinue Reading