Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, re-visit some favorite rom-coms from the past few years. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” is a fan favorite starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. This movie is different from a normal romantic comedy because the couple makes two veryContinue Reading

In honor of the new event, ski mountaineering, being added to the 2026 Winter Olympics, here are the strangest winter sports from around the world that never made it to the Olympics. Skijoring is a winter sport that involves skiing behind and being pulled by a variety of animals suchContinue Reading

If you are on a budget this year, be warned! Prices of various snacks at Pace Academy’s snack bar have skyrocketed since last school year. The price of bagels, muffins and pizza have gone up by at least 50 cents (even the cream cheese)! The snack bar purchases their bagels,Continue Reading

As school comes back into session, students are looking back on a fun and eventful summer. While many students enjoyed vacations or camps, others had more free time and picked up a job to get some extra money and experience. Here are some students’ favorite and least favorite moments aboutContinue Reading