Why are we insecure? The answer is comparison. Comparison can be motivating and healthy at times but the issue is the scale at with social media brings it to. In the stone ages you would compare yourself among your fellow tribe members. Now, with social media, you’re comparing yourself withContinue Reading

Famous English novelist and social critic Charles Dickens was seen walking the streets of Portsmouth, England nearly every afternoon. Born into poverty, which limited his formal education and later having issues with his wife, excessive spending, and various health problems, Dickens was truly dealing with a lot. Dickens wasn’t goingContinue Reading

Buckle up, because this article will logically break down the fundamental strategies and methods you must know as a Pace student. BE CAREFUL and don’t spend all of your free time in the Commons or Inman. It’s good to be social, but a useful and common method is to spendContinue Reading