The FreeSip Owala water bottle is completely leak-proof and perfect for daily hydration. PHOTO: @owala on Instagram

The season of giving is just right around the corner! Do you have presents for your family and friends yet? No? Don’t fret because here are five last-minute gift ideas that will certainly put a smile on their face. 

First up, the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boot is the perfect gift to give. At a price of $150, this relatively expensive gift is definitely worth the price tag. Not only are they super fashionable and cute but comfortable as well. The fur will keep their toes nice and toasty throughout the winter months. If you want to elevate your gift even more, add some UGG Protector Shoe Spray for $15 which would be a double whammy for the best gift you could give. Just shop on Amazon Prime, click the buy button and it will arrive at your house in just two days. Make sure to thank your hardworking delivery drivers who work around the clock to make sure your holiday wishes and commands come true. 

Second, an affordable option for gift-giving is the FreeSip Owala water bottle. At $28, this will solve everyone’s problem of dehydration. With its practical size, built-in straw and vibrant colors, what more could someone want in a gift? Hop onto the Owala website, and it can be delivered right to your door in no time. It’s also available at Target stores near you if you want to buy it in person.

Third, if you are really in a rush, stop by your local convenience stores and grab a gift card. Even though this is less personalized, it will do the trick to ensure you don’t leave anyone out. It’s better to give someone something than nothing at all. Brands including Amazon, Target and Starbucks could be a great choice for a gift card. 

Fourth, with the increasing popularity of pickleball, give your family or friends a set of paddles to join the trend. This is a great gift to promote health and wealth and even facilitate their New Year’s resolutions of trying something new. 

Lastly, disposable cameras are all the craze right now. Give someone one of these, and they can capture lifelong memories that they’ll remember forever. The photos turn out so retro and cute, and they’re available to buy at most convenience stores. It’s such a fast and easy gift! 

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