In June 2019, Disney announced that they would make a new live-action version of the Little Mermaid, which will star singer and actress Halle Bailey. The first trailer was released in September and it faced both racist backlash as well as praise for the representation in the movie. The movieContinue Reading


On Oct. 2, the PACEMUNC IV took place in the Gandhi Hall in the Kam Memar Lower School. The theme of the model was combatting climate change and greenhouse gas emissions with the use of technology. Sixty middle and high school students represented 35 different countries, with many of theseContinue Reading

At age 40, Serena Williams, 23-time grand slam winner, announces her retirement after a long and successful career. She told Vogue of her retirement, stating, “it’s the hardest thing that I could ever imagine.” The widely considered greatest female tennis player of all time became an icon and has inspiredContinue Reading