The NFL regular season, which was plagued by quarterback injuries and filled with surprising stars, concluded on Jan. 7th. Backup quarterbacks like Joshua Dobbs, Jake Browning, Tommy Devito, and Gardner Minshew took the league by surprise with their Cinderella stories. However, these backup quarterbacks fell short and it was ultimatelyContinue Reading

The world’s first partial heart transplant ,performed in spring of 2022 on an infant who needed a heart replacement, proved successful with functioning values and arteries. Prior to this innovative surgery, the procedure used non-living valves, which require frequent replacements, surgeries, and usually has a 50% mortality rate. The infant,Continue Reading

Atlanta is adding another professional sports team to the list this winter as the up-and-coming RealPro Volleyball league begins its inaugural season. Named the Atlanta Vibe, the team has been practicing together for months with their impressive roster, and looks to expand the rapidly growing sport of volleyball even further. Continue Reading

The Sphere, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is groundbreaking in immersive entertainment. Combining centuries old mathematical formulas with new technology and engineering, the Sphere’s first design was constructed by James Dolan, the executive chair of Madison Square Garden and owner of the New York Knicks and Rangers.  Being theContinue Reading

A conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has exploded recently. The Middle Eastern countries have had a tense relationship for hundreds of years, centered around a territory called Nagorno-Karabakh. This territory is home to Armenian people, however, it is located in Azerbaijan and shares no borders with Armenia.  Historically, Nagorno-Karabakh hasContinue Reading

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world and you may not know whether an article was written by a human or a computer. Both Bennett and AI wrote an article about when the best time to start Christmas preparations are. Can you spot the difference?  ARTICLE 1: How to NavigateContinue Reading

The cast of Puffs competed in the One-Act Play GHSA State Championship and placed 5th in Georgia. Senior Hannah White and junior Nicholas Demba were also named in the State All Star Cast. Puffs is a hilarious spin off of a certain series about a school of witchcraft and wizardryContinue Reading

Earthquake Devastates Moroccan Citizens On Sept. 8, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco in the High Atlas Mountains, leaving more than 2,900 people dead and more than 5,600 people injured. This has been the worst earthquake to hit Morocco since 1960, when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake devastated Agadir. The areaContinue Reading

Atlanta will soon be getting our very own Michelin Guide! Every year, the Michelin Tire Company announces their ratings of various restaurants around the world.  Previously, no Atlanta restaurants had been considered for Michelin stars, but on July 11, Michelin announced their anonymous inspectors would be visiting Atlanta to possiblyContinue Reading

This past Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023, Kevin McCarthy was fired from his position as Speaker of the House. His firing was led by members of his own republican party who were unhappy with his attempts to stop a government shutdown. Eight members of the republican party, along with 208 DemocratsContinue Reading

The race is on to discover which Republican will challenge Incumbent President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. The Republican primary elections will start Jan. 15 which means that candidates have already started debating, campaigning and raising money.  The frontrunner seems to be former President Donald Trump, promising aContinue Reading

Hundreds of people are still missing and at least 115 people have died as a result of the horrific wildfires that tore across the Hawaiian island of Maui. The deadly flames, which have now spread throughout three of Hawaii’s islands, forced locals to seek emergency shelter and drove tourists offContinue Reading

Beloved Upper School History Teacher Mindy Lawrence returns this fall with an impressive title: Georgia History Teacher of the Year!  Created by The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, the Georgia History Teacher of the Year award recognizes teachers and administrators for their outstanding work and dedication to the educationContinue Reading