Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world and you may not know whether an article was written by a human or a computer. Both Bennett and AI wrote an article about when the best time to start Christmas preparations are. Can you spot the difference? 


How to Navigate the Christmas Countdown

Early November is a common time to start thinking about Christmas preparations. You can begin by making a list of people you plan to buy gifts for and brainstorming gift ideas. You can also start decorating your home, especially if you enjoy having Christmas decorations up for an extended period. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which fall at the end of November, are popular times for shopping for Christmas gifts as many retailers offer discounts and deals. Early December is a great time to start purchasing Christmas gifts, as the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Be sure to check shipping deadlines for online orders to ensure your gifts arrive on time. Ultimately, the perfect time to start preparing for Christmas is when it feels right for you, and it can be a mix of these suggested time frames.


The Best Time to Celebrate the Holidays in the Wintertime

Halfway through the month of November is the perfect time to start preparing ideas for Christmas. Start by creating gift ideas and how to get ready for the holiday season. By this time, decorating your home is essential. By the end of November, Black Friday deals roll around and create the perfect time to shop for others. Holiday shopping begins fully right after Thanksgiving. By this time, setting up your Christmas tree would be ideal, along with other Christmas decorations. Days before the holiday, finalize all decorations, gift wrapping, and plan gatherings. Many people start celebrating at different periods of the season, but it all comes down to whatever you desire. The best time to start celebrating is whatever time seems right for you.

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