This past year, albums made by a variety of artists have been released. Here are our top picks for 2023! To start in the alternative category, Lana Del Rey’s album “Did you know that there is a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” was released in March and captivated listeners. Our pickContinue Reading

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world and you may not know whether an article was written by a human or a computer. Both Bennett and AI wrote an article about when the best time to start Christmas preparations are. Can you spot the difference?  ARTICLE 1: How to NavigateContinue Reading

Spooky season is approaching and while new movies and shows releasing on the holiday are fun to watch, nothing beats an old classic Disney show. Scary movies and shows might not be for everyone, so funny and nostalgic Disney episodes are the best bet for non-horror movie lovers. From “GirlsContinue Reading

While an iPhone offers an exceptional, cheap option of capturing photographs, film photography is the original. 35mm film was popularized throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s with everyone that owned a camera. Around the 1980’s, disposable cameras were used daily so kids could photograph their summer without their parents help.Continue Reading