Every December sparks the question: What is the best Christmas movie? It is, without a doubt, the Christmas classic: “Home Alone”. This movie is not only full of laughs, but reinforces the values that Christmas is supposed to be about: Appreciating time with family and spreading kindness through the holidayContinue Reading

Many may not know of senior Prabhavh Pradeep’s success in his sport outside of the Pace community. As there is no cricket team at school, he has been unable to show his talent in front of the student body. Outside of Pace, he plays at an extremely high level, playingContinue Reading

Hundreds of people are still missing and at least 115 people have died as a result of the horrific wildfires that tore across the Hawaiian island of Maui. The deadly flames, which have now spread throughout three of Hawaii’s islands, forced locals to seek emergency shelter and drove tourists offContinue Reading

Once it was time to leave for the prom, students piled onto the various buses with their chaperones. They departed towards the venue of the night: King Plow in West Midtown. Students finally got to see what their “Knight in Paradise” would entail. Walking into a large, open venue, studentsContinue Reading

February is a month where the United States pays tribute to the generations of African Americans who have struggled with adversity throughout American history. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) named ‘Black Resistance’ as the theme for February 2023. Looking at what Pace isContinue Reading

Following the end of summer break, the combination of a football game, dance, pep rally and gathering of alumni excites students and gives them something to look forward to. Starting off this traditional week, students dressed up in fun outfits to match the particular day’s theme. From a comfy pajamaContinue Reading

Upper School English teacher LESLIE DEPIETRO knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was a teenager. Beginning as a camp counselor in high school, Mrs. Depietro has always found working with kids to be her passion. Her favorite part of working with high schoolers is the entertaining interactionsContinue Reading

Every September, tens of thousands of music listeners attend Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival in Piedmont Park. Last year, the festival had 50,000 people show up to the two-day event. Fans were anticipating the festival’s headliners including Future, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Jack White until Music Midtown producersContinue Reading

This year’s spring musical, “Shrek,” blew away its audience on the nights of Apr. 7, 8 and 9 with its strong voices and comedic aspects. Thirty three students put in hours of work after school for this three-day performance, along with the many others who worked behind the scenes. AContinue Reading

Particular books have been established as key aspects of English classes all across schools in the United States, but in recent years, activists have worked to ban these books by targeting local school boards. Some states have already taken action on these complaints. The American Library Association (ALA) said inContinue Reading

For decades, technologists have been envisioning a time when our virtual lives are as significant as our physical ones for decades, and today it is known as the Metaverse. So what exactly is it? The Metaverse is the coming together of two long-standing concepts: virtual reality and a digital secondContinue Reading