KNIGHTLY NEWS: So what’s up?

MEGAN HARDESTY: Good morning!

MEGHNA SINGHNA: Jack, why are you being passive aggressive?

KN: Okay, first question, how do you feel about leaving Pace and starting college?

MH: It’s time to go. I’ve been here since fifth grade. No, but in all seriousness -Jack stop being weird- I’m excited to move on and start some new things.

KN: Nice!

MS: Well, it’s exciting because I’ve spent 13 years here, so it’s definitely time to move on. It’s honestly weird to think Pace still exists once you leave, you know?

KN: What is your favorite memory being on the Knightly News staff?

MH: Getting told by a certain staff member to get on my leash.

MS: Uh, what?

KN: Anyways, what are your summer plans?

MH: For the first time ever, absolutely nothing, because every summer I usually have sports and stuff. But, other than that, I’m just going on family trips.

MS: I’m going on some fun trips. I’m going to Asheville with my friends, and we’re going to Jamaica and stuff.

KN: What’s your favorite memory at Pace?

MS: Let me ponder.

MH: Okay, I got one. My favorite memory would probably be my sophomore year volleyball state championship. On that team, we were all best friends, and that made it so fun.

MS: My favorite memory would be when Megan and I were sophomores, and she said she was going on a date with- 

KN: Yeah. Good stuff. Um, what was your biggest argument as co-editors?

MS: We honestly did not fight. We agreed on the important stuff, but we also created an environment where the other person could have differing opinions on certain things like story ideas.

MH: I agree; we are honestly like a married couple.

KN: If you guys were to pick a superlative for each other, what would it be?

MH: I would probably be most likely to book a flight to Boston to see Meghna and um- yeah. Anyways.

MS: Yeah; anyways.

KN: Um, what is your favorite article you have ever written?

MH: I would say my TEDx article last year because it was some of my best writing, and Lee submitted it for an award last year. It was funny because I had to write about myself in third person. Like, I had to say stuff like “Megan enjoyed this because, so and so.”

MS: Oh my gosh. My review for The List, that’s my favorite for sure.

KN: Finally, do you guys have any final words for Mrs. Neiley?

MH: I’m literally not kidding when I say I want to be just like her. Like, I want to be 30 and look just like her and be married to a hockey player. 

MS: Oh my gosh, same. Honestly, I feel like she did such a great job this year. Picking up where we left off was an extremely hard task, and she did better than anyone could have imagined.

MH: I don’t know how Mrs. Neiley was able to learn and adapt so fast to taking on the newspaper class while also making it her own.

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