KN: We’ll just start off with questions. Can y’all each go through and explain your favorite memory at Pace or the Knightly News? 

JW: I have one. Mines gotta be my first year every day I would sit at the back of the classroom with Niko, and we would always have funny jokes and hang out. We had a great time. 

MA: My favorite Knightly News memory would have to be last year during the Halloween video, where Amalia made me wear the cloak, and there were a lot of people in the Commons, and probably just making some of the videos. Like the Christmas ones, and yeah, making the videos.

EM: For the Knightly News, I would also say like the videos that Stella has made this year and last year, like what she did last year for the Co-editors. I had to dance, but I didn’t come to school that day so…

KN: Are any of y’all lifers?

JW: I am. 

KN: Are y’all sad about leaving Pace, or are y’all ready for college?

EM: I’m sad to leave home and leave the community, but I’m not sad to leave Pace in general. I’m ready to leave Pace as a school, but not ready to leave the people.

MA: I’m sad because I won’t see people’s faces every day and that kind of thing, but I do think it’s time. I think it’s bittersweet. 

JW: Um, I was going to say that. 

MA: You can echo my sentiments. 

EM: It’s like in a Harkness. Going off of what she said

JW: Um. Yeah, I think I’ll miss my friends and my home a lot. But other than that, I’m excited for the next chapter. 

KN: What is your favorite story you have written? 

EM: Oh! Mine is about the pig heart transplant. This guy got a transplant where he had the heart from a pig, and it worked, but then…

MA: I wrote one a year after the capitol insurrection. I put a lot of work into that.

JW: I would say my favorite article is the Barnaby article: Barnaby goes AWOL. My favorite thing I laid out was the ICGL spread on the front cover. 

KN: What is your most embarrassing moment?

EM: There’s just so many. I actually can think of one that happened last week in front of the entire grade. It was the start of Assassin, and I shot someone inside because I didn’t know the rules, and everyone was yelling at me.  I was on the verge of tears. I was about to go home and never show up again.

MA: Mine would be at the beginning of the year, on my birthday, on our rafting trip. I got pushed off the raft by Dr. Haizlip, which was fine, but then the guy wouldn’t help me up, and everyone was watching me unable to get up, so that was not good. 

JW: Umm, embarrassing moment would probably say middle school PE playing soccer. Brian Lee will know what I’m talking about.

KN: If you could give a superlative to the rest of y’all, what would it be? 

JW: Give it to myself or give it to them?

KN: Give it to someone else.

MA: Relating to newspaper or just in general?

KN: Just in general. It’s your choice. 

MA: Jack is the most creative.

Jack: Oh (snaps in approval)

MA: Emmy is very cheerful and very organized. She has things in her own way.

JW: I think Emmy is the most analytical writer, especially with the scientific stuff. I would say MA’s gotta be the friendliest person on staff and the most sympathetic co-editor. 

EM: I would say, straying away from the newspaper, Jack would be most likely to win an Oscar or like producing a movie because Jack is really into movies and does a lot with it. For MA…

JW: MA is probably one of the funniest people on staff. 

EM: Yeah. MA has this silent humor, where she’s not super loud, but she’ll say stuff under her breath and you just start dying laughing. 

KN: Okay, last question. Do you guys have any last words for Mrs. Neiley?

Co-editors: Awww.

EM: I would just say, good luck. If she needs anything, she can text us.

MA: Yeah, I bid her good luck, and we are going to miss her because we talk to her a lot, obviously. 

JW: It’s been great working with her for the last two of years. She’s done a great job with us and she will do a great job with you guys. Awesome leader. You guys are in good hands. 

KN: Thank you so much!

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