Mr. Ewing gives back to his former lacrosse team.
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The Knightly News: Hello Mr. Ewing.

Ben Ewing: Hello Mr. Swann.

KN: How do you feel about being the dean of the Class of 2026?

BE: I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this new crew.

KN: Glad to hear that. Is it emotional to move on from such an amazing class, to take over a new one?

BE: It’s always emotional to watch students graduate, but that’s part of teaching. If they don’t graduate, you haven’t done your job. 

KN: As you stepped away from lacrosse coaching due to becoming a dean, what do you plan to pursue in your occasional free time?

BE: I plan to spend more time gardening.

KN: Do you consider yourself to have a green thumb?

BE: I do not. I am a quite lousy gardener.

KN: What is your spirit animal?

BE: Undecided.

KN: What is your favorite vest brand?

BE: (long pause) What’s the weather?

KN: Windy, Overcast.

BE: I actually don’t know. I’ve been wearing the same vest since I was 18 years old and I don’t know who makes it. I’ll go with Fleece Vest.

KN: Where is your dream destination?

BE: New Zealand. Perfect vest weather year-round on the south island.

KN: If you and Mr. McCallum were to fight who would win?

BE: Mr. McCallum definitely. He’s scrappy.

KN: What are your thoughts on the quote, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”?

BE: I appreciate it because it validates the idea that you don’t have to be great at something in order to enjoy doing it.

KN: Do you think this reflects your gardening skills?

BE: Absolutely!

KN: Some may say you have the second-best facial hair amongst the faculty, with Mr. Ballard in first. Do you accept second place or challenge his greatness?

BE: I can never do what Mr. Ballard does. I accept second place.

KN: Does that mean you’ve tried?

BE: No comment.

KN: Well that’s all the time we have. Thank you for sitting down for this thoughtful discussion.

BE: Good day, godspeed.

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