L-R: David Grice, Bianca Vaneri, Jack Wagreich and Marit UyHam are the representatives of the student body for the 2022-2023 school year.

KN: Hey guys! How are you all doing? 

DAVID GRICE: Fantastic! 

KN: Why don’t you all give a formal introduction for the readers? 

BIANCA VANERI: Sure! I’m Bianca Vaneri! I’m the student body secretary. 

DG: I’m David Grice, and I am the student body vice president. 

JACK WAGREICH: I’m Jack Wagreich, and I am the student body treasurer. 

KN: How is senior year going so far? 

BV: Honestly, it’s been pretty stressful. Teachers want to make sure we don’t slack off and have senioritis first semester. There’s also a lot of work to do for colleges, along with homework.  

JW: In regards to the council, we have a bunch of prep and organization to do, with our heavy schedule of spirit week, more food trucks and other exciting events.  

KN: How does it feel to be the role models for the entire student body? 

DG: It’s a bit stressful. It’s fun talking during assembly and making announcements, and I think we are all great leaders! 

BV: It’s definitely a lot of responsibility to uphold, and with Ms. Barbakow as the new dean of students, she came along with us on the student council retreat and talked to us about working hand in hand with her this year about the dress code and other important factors. 

KN: What are your thoughts on the new dress code? Any complaints? 

DG: I don’t have any gripes myself. I don’t have to wear a belt. I know Bianca might have some gripes, though. 

BV: I do have a gripe, actually. Here are my thoughts. I think that tennis skirts are not an unprofessional form of clothing, and I think that they could have made tennis skirts to be a specific length and not just cut them out entirely. I really do appreciate that Ms. Barbakow made the dress code gender-neutral. 

KN: Are there any new exciting things coming this year that you can hint at for the student body? 

DG: We are bringing back food trucks! 

JW: Yes, we are returning food trucks for all four grades, baby! 

KN: Yay! So exciting. Hey, Marit! Thanks for joining us! Want to introduce yourself? 

MARIT UYHAM: Hi! I’m Marit UyHam, and I am the student body president. 

KN: Any advice that you would like to give to freshmen? 

MU: Remember to thank your teachers because they work really hard to help you succeed in the Upper School. 

BV: My advice to freshmen is to appreciate the grind and if you are in a really difficult class, make an experience out of studying and make friends in that class and make study guides together. 

DG: I would say branch out and meet as many people as you can because when you are a senior, you start to realize that you aren’t going to see everyone again. So really just try and come together as a grade. 

JW: Have fun. 

DG: Good advice Jack. That’s good. 

KN: So inspirational Jack. Anyways, how are you going to leave your mark on Pace since it’s your last year? 

MU: I think by mentoring younger class members and teaching them how to navigate through the upper school.  

JW: Well, being a younger sibling of 2, I am leaving behind a Wagreich legacy. It’s bittersweet. I’ve been here for 13 years, and this is the beginning of the end of my senior year. 

DG: We’re coming fresh off COVID-19, so what we leave behind is going to set the new policy for years to come. We want to invent some new stuff, return to the old stuff and just have a great overall year. 

KN: Any last thoughts? 

MU: We look forward to making it a great and memorable year for the student body. 

DG: Go Knights, baby! 

JW: So true.  

BV: Go knights, and hashtag PK4L. 

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