Camille and Brian posing on the field during the homecoming football game. (PHOTO: Mr. Assaf)

KN: Hey guys! How are you all doing? 

Camille Caton: Great!

Brian Lee: Doing great! 

KN: To start off this interview, the readers want to know, are you both friends? 

CC: No, I hate Brian. Just kidding. Yes, we are friends. 

BL: We’re besties. 

KN: How does it feel being homecoming royalty? 

BL: Beyond exhilarating!  

CC: Very exciting! 

Katie Janko: What are you all doing? 

CC: We’re being interviewed actually. Quiet on the set, please. 

KN: Did you get anything for being homecoming royalty? 

CC: We got some crowns, but I lost it. 

BL: Yeah, I threw mine out.  

KN: You threw it away?  

BL: Yeah, I threw it in the street out of my car window. I got too excited. Someone found it though. 

CC: I put the crown in Bianca’s car, and it got stolen by one of my friends. 

KN: Did you get it back? 

CC: No, I don’t know where it is. 

KN: Is the crown plastic?  

CC: Oh, yeah. It’s not very exciting. 

KN: What celebrity crush did you choose when they introduced your names on the court?

CC: Dua Lipa because I love her. I’m obsessed with her. 

KN:  Camille, you actually look like the celebrity from Fifth Harmony. Her name is Camila Cabello.   

CC: Wait, really?  

BL: Hahaha. 

KN: You both are twins. You’ve never been told that you look like her? 

CC: No, but maybe I’ll start going by the name Camila. 

BL: Yes, you should do that. 

KN: How is senior year going so far? 

CC: Very stressful. Not fun. 

BL: Tough year with college applications and taking hard classes. 

CC: Yeah, I agree. 

KN: Well, on that note, what has been the most exciting thing so far this year? 

CC: Just like thinking I’ll be done with common applications soon. 

BL: Applying to college and knowing new things are ahead. 

KN: What was your favorite year that you experienced at Pace? 

CC: Probably last year or this year. 

BL: What, junior year sucked because it was so hard. I had a lot of fun in eighth grade. 

CC: Yes, eighth grade was so fun. 

KN: That was my COVID year so,  it was not one of my favorites. Any advice for the freshmen? 

BL: Be careful of the classes you take. There are some that are a lot more difficult than others. Try to avoid them at all costs. 

CC: Talk to your teachers. Try to get ahead on work, and don’t stress yourself out too young.

KN: Yeah, it only goes down from here. No, just kidding. Life gets way better. Who is your favorite teacher in the upper school? 

CC: Probably Mrs. Terry because I got to have her for two years. 

BL: I think all of them are good. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of them. 

KN: Who do you think is the most intimidating teacher? 

CC: Mr. Gannon.  

KN: Really? 

CC: He’s intimidating, but once you get to know him, he’s super funny. 

BL: Probably Mr. Hornor. I like him a lot, but he’s scary. 

KN: Anything you would like to add? 

CC: Nope.  

BL: Nope. 

KN: Okay, thank you!

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