Co-Editors in Chief Ellie Siskin, Reed Millner, and David Fu plan for an upcoming issue. (Photo: Megan Klingler)

Megan Klingler: Do y’all have a favorite Pace newspaper memory?

Reed Millner: I really liked doing the escape rooms. Over the past three years I think they’ve been really fun, especially this year’s one. When you know everyone it’s a lot more fun.

Ellie Siskin: I think when we were doing our first issue last May as the new co-editors and we finally finished it. We worked so hard editing and on the cover and everything and we were so excited to have it done ourselves for the first time.

David Fu: I would say mine is when Mrs. Neiley brought her puppy into class. I just really like dogs.

MK: Does anyone have a favorite article they wrote?

RM: My favorite one I wrote was probably my sophomore year, my first article, where I interviewed Kenny Selmon, who was going to the Olympics. That was a really cool article because I didn’t think I was actually going to be able to do it.

DF: My favorite one would also be the first one I wrote sophomore year. I interviewed a bunch of lower schoolers and I was super stressed about it because I didn’t meet the deadline. I was like oh no, Mrs. Neiley is going to hate me but then the article turned out really well.

ES: I think my favorite was the first time I got to do a spread when Queen Elizabeth died, and I got to be in charge of that whole page and learn how to do all the layout tricks.

MK: Do you have any advice for the co-editors for next year?

ES: The biggest advice I have is to split up the work and you guys are all going to work really well together, so if you’re collaborating on every part of it, it’s going to be really easy for you.

RM: My biggest advice would be to make sure the whole staff gets to know each other and feels comfortable with each other, because when you have a staff that can all work together well it makes class more enjoyable for everyone and it’s easier to get stuff done.

DF: I would say my biggest advice is just to stay on top of things especially at the end of the year with senioritis.

MK: What are you looking forward to for next year in college?

DF: I’m looking forward just to meeting new people and especially being in New York.

RM: I’m excited to be in a new school. I’ve been at Pace for thirteen years, so it’ll be a change of pace for sure.

ES: Yeah, I’m excited to see new places and get to experience a different kind of school environment.

MK: What was something for newspaper that you’re really proud of that you did this year?

RM: I’m really proud of how far our staff has come and everything we’ve done this year because we definitely faced some challenges. If you asked me sophomore year if I ever thought I’d be able to do any of this, I probably would have thought it was crazy.

ES: I feel like, reading everyone’s first articles they’ve turned in, everyone has gotten so much better by this last issue, and it’s great to see how much everyone’s improved in writing and editing.

DF: And I think in general working on making our newspapers look more interesting. We have spreads in every issue, and adding Hayes’ column; it really makes them pop.

MK: Any last words for Mrs. Neiley and the newspaper staff?

ES: They’ve been such a supportive group these last few years and especially Mrs. Neiley, she’s helped us with everything we need, so thank you, and we know you guys are going to do great next year. I’ll be excited to see the issues and articles.

RM: Definitely a special thanks to everyone on staff who’s been really helpful. And also a really special thanks to Mrs. Neiley because she started out her newspaper career with us and so it’s been really fun over the last three years to grow with her. I love her and I’m really excited to see where she goes.

DF: Also for me, a thank you to Mrs. Neiley. I’ve done some questionable things, but like, she’s put up with me…

RM and ES: [laughs]

DF: Yeah.

MK: Thank you!

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