This summer, the box offices will be booming with loads of thrilling new films. Some of these highly anticipated films include “Joy Ride”, “Oppenheimer”, “Elemental” and even a new “Spiderman”. These films only scratch the surface of all the amazing movies awaiting people in the summer. Viewers could potentially have the best summers of their lives with all the blockbusters set to release. Movie lovers need to block the calendars on specific days because we all know that they will be occupied with all these great films.

Disney-Pixar displays the cover for their new movie. Photo: The Academy Awards

“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” is the next film in the Miles Morales Spider-Man universe. This film is set to be released on June 2, and is definitely going to be a major hit. Voiced by Shameik Moore, Miles Morales, also known as Spider-Man, travels with his friend Gwen, voiced by Hailee Steinfeld, across the Multiverse. Along the way, they encounter a society of Spider-People whose sole purpose is to defend the Multiverse from attackers. When Miles and the Spider-Force have a disagreement on how to handle a new threat Miles begins to question himself and his role in the Multiverse. Miles has to redefine what it means for himself to be a superhero and how he can help protect the Multiverse. This film is surely going to be fantastic and is definitely worth a trip to the movie theater upon its release.

“Joy Ride” is another big film set to be released July 7 and it is gaining a lot of popularity. Audrey, portrayed by Ashley Park, takes a business trip to China where everything goes awry. She finds herself in trouble and in need of help, so she calls up her childhood best friend, Lolo, played by Sherry Cola, a college friend Kate, portrayed by Stephanie Hsu and a mysterious character named Deadeye, played by Sabrina Wu. The foursome then venture throughout China learning more about themselves and each other. Along the way, they learn to love themselves and their heritage. This film is definitely a feel-good, comedy and self exploration.

“Oppenheimer” is a mysterious film about the Manhattan project, which was the production of the atomic bombs. The thrilling film is set to release on July 21 and is sure to mess with your brain. Cillian Murphy plays J. Robert Oppenheimer who was the lead scientist in the construction of the atomic bombs. The film is being produced by Christopher Nolan who has also produced Interstellar, Inception and Tenet. All these movies have something in common: they mess with your mind. Hopefully, Oppenheimer is another one of the mind-bending thrillers that will confuse the audience. This film is surely going to be great, so clear your calendars for July 21 because this is a must see.

“Elemental” is the next Disney-Pixar movie and it is to be released on June 16. This film takes place in a universe where the population is made up of the four elements. Within this universe, a girl named Ember, who is fire, and a man named Wade, who is water, journey throughout their universe. Along the way, they learn more about themselves and how, even though they are different elements, they actually have many things in common.  Elemental explores the idea that even though people may appear different, they can still have things in common.

Although these movies are extremely different, they all have one thing in common; they are definitely worth a watch. I know for a fact that this summer I will make sure to save some time to go to the movies in order to catch these films. All of these movies are sure to be thrilling, funny, entertaining and so much more.

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