Conflict in the far east has risen to new heights with increased Chinese aggression toward Taiwan. When the Communists took control of China, many people fled to Taiwan including the former government. Since then, mainland China has always been trying to reunite the two.

Tensions have always been high between Taiwan and China, but they reached a new peak with the election of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. Ing-wen refused to endorse pro-china policies and follow in the path set by her predecessors. 

China did not take lightly to this, and began implementing retaliatory measures including sending fighter jets near the island. China claims that Taiwan is bound by the 1992 consensus, but the content of the consensus is unclear. Both sides’ leaders continue to fight for their sides and the tension is only building. 

US involvement and support of Taiwan may be the reason why Taiwan is still around. The U.S. follows the One-China policy which recognizes Taiwan’s government as the only government of China. 

This document also rejects the use of force to settle this dispute, maintains cultural and commercial ties with Taiwan, commits to sell arms to Taiwan for self-defense and will maintain the ability to aid Taiwan in a matter of national defense. 

The U.S.’ main goal is to maintain peace in the region and keep Taiwan around. In 2022, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and met with Ing-wen. China was furious and threatened to harm Pelosi, but she still went and showed her lack of fear towards the Chinese. 

US involvement in the region definitely is assisting in the security and stability of Taiwan. Without the U.S., China may have invaded and reconquered their former island.

Nancy Pelosi (left) and President Tsai Ing-wen (right) in the Taiwanese presidential office.

As of late, China has been increasing frequency in military activities around Taiwan. Taiwan is starting to get worried that China has other intentions than just showing their might. 

Taiwanese officials have said that they have seen fighters, drones, bombers, warships and even an aircraft carrier. “The risks of activities involving aircraft, ships and weapons will increase, and both sides must pay attention,” said Taiwanese Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng. 

Continued escalations on both sides may eventually lead to the dreaded conflict over the island. Taiwan has pledged to remain calm and not take matters too far, but repeated provocations from China will not be allowed.

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