Dating back to around the 14th century, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with romance and joy… for a few. When someone has a valentine, the day is awesome, as you have a day dedicated to your own relationship and connection. Some people are not fortunate enough to have a valentine, so they spend the day in sorrow. Unfortunately, I typically do not have a valentine, and I spend the day wondering “what if?”  Why does Valentine’s Day have to take a shot at single people? Valentine’s is an overrated day and a complete waste of a holiday.

A Woman Denies a Man on Valentine’s Day. Photo:

First off, why is chocolate so special for Valentine’s Day? People buy specialty chocolates for an astronomically high price just because they are in a special heart container. The chocolate does not taste any different and is just a big waste of money. Chocolate is not romantic in any way, but there is a societal misconception about this special chocolate. On any given day, a box of chocolates is a dessert, but for Valentine’s, it is a symbol of love. I personally prefer chocolate in a non-romantic way because it is definitely cheaper.

Nowadays, relationships are difficult things to achieve, whereas throughout history relationships were forced. Some people seek out a significant other, while others prefer being alone. Why should this holiday be celebrated, if not everyone can partake? Obtaining a relationship is a difficult thing, trust me.

The spirit of a holiday is a day to unite everyone, so why should this holiday tear people apart? Someone without a valentine is seen as an outsider on this “special day”. Valentine’s Day is so overrated and designed for a select few, so it should be erased from the calendar. This waste of a day primarily promotes romantic love rather than just general love. I personally love many things, but a single person is not the object of my love. Why should my love for the world around me and my family be disregarded on Valentine’s Day? Why does this holiday force people to devote their love to one person?

According to the US Census, 50% of Americans are single. These people do not have someone to love, so they sit alone on this “special day”.

The overall nature of Valentine’s Day disgusts me. A holiday meant to separate people by relationships is not a holiday that I will ever choose to follow.

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