Asher Lubin looks dapper in his suit. Photo: Asher Lubin

Knightly News: Hi, how are you today, Asher?

Asher Lubin: I’m good. How are you?

KN: I’m doing great. I know this is your first year as Student Body President, but how did you take your role as treasurer and translate it into your current position?

AL: I feel like one thing that is misunderstood with the council is how it is true that we each have our positions, but at the end of the day we work as one unit. Other than the responsibilities of working on the social media account and depositing money and reimbursements, there are no individual responsibilities of the group. It’s kind of like a collective responsibility. I feel like being treasurer I learned how to work with a group especially after working with a lot of different groups over three years, and this helped me work as Student Body President this year. 

KN: That definitely makes sense. So what is your main goal for this school year? It can be anything.

AL: Probably for everyone to have the most memorable year of their high school career.

KN: Do you have a favorite event that you are excited for?

AL: Spirit week, I think. There is a lot of really great leadership this year so I think it will be an exciting year.

KN: Okay, also is there any advice you would give to people that are thinking of running for Student Council or Student Body in the spring?

AL: Okay this sounds silly, but just do it. I feel like a lot of people hesitate. Don’t worry about who the competition is. Just go out on a limb and just speak your mind and tell people how you would make their year better. They will make their decisions from there.

KN: Okay and this is one of my last questions. Do you have any advice for freshmen? It doesn’t have to be as Student Body President, but more just as a senior.

AL: I would say reach out to your teachers. They all want to help you and want you to succeed. Whether it’s like prepping for a test or even just talking to them about their break, they really want to talk to you and help you.

KN: Yeah, I would definitely agree with that. So I’m not sure how relevant this question is now that we have already talked about the team aspect of the council, but what is your dynamic like with JD since he is VP?

AL: With JD? We have a lot of good chemistry. We work really well together and bounce ideas off each other. Everybody in the group holds up their end of the deal. But with JD, whenever there is a job we do 50/50. 

KN: Okay and lastly, is there anything else you would like to say?

AL: Thank you for electing me!

KN: Okay, thank you so much Asher for your time!

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