Travel this January with Head of History Department Mr. Tim Hornor, Math teachers Mr. Jason Smith and Dr. Heather McCloskey to explore Germany. From Jan. 5 to Jan. 15, students will immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of Germany, including the best and the worst. This trip focuses on art history, the history of WWII and regional cultures.

Basque Country

This spring, World Language teachers Mrs. Allison Riley and Mrs. Jenna Dwyer bring students to the amazing Basque Country. Students will get a “taste” of both the incredible and historical Basque region as they immerse themselves in the culture. With a focus on cultural immersion, sustainability and Spanish political history there are endless activities, including home stays from a partner school, that will expand on this beautiful and unique country.

Big Bend & Sierra Del Carmen

If you are interested in nature and love hiking, this is the spring trip for you. Science teacher Mr. Kevin Ballard and math teacher Mr. Jason Smith will lead an adventurous trip as they venture from Big Bend National Park to the adjacent areas in Mexico. As students hike through mountains, deserts and canyons, they will see how water has shaped history around them, including visiting the tiny village of Boquillas del Carmen.


Bring the adventure outside of the classroom with an engaging study tour to Ecuador. Dean Mr. Ben Ewing and Associate Director of the ICGL Mr. Ted Ward will chaperone students as they learn valuable leadership skills for everyday life. The focus will be on sustainability of natural systems and on how to make a positive impact through different lenses.


Do you love food and cultural experiences? This trip will travel to Thailand and explore different regions, looking at its history, cultural practices and food. In the spring, director of college counseling Mr. Jonathan Ferrell, history teacher Mr. Gary Nelson and Dean Mrs. Krista Wilhelmsen will chaperone this trip. They will take a deeper look into the waterways and how they play apart in their lives. 

United Arab Emirates

Students will explore the culture and life in the United Arab Emirates’ major cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Administrative assistant to head of US and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Ms. Nikki McCary and English teacher Dr. Jason Brooks will lead the trip this spring. As students explore the region, they will focus on religion, culture and the water systems. Students will be doing everything from exploring the Old Town Dubai to kayaking through the city’s mangroves.


This summer, Fine Arts Director Mr. Sean Bryan, Arts Teacher Mrs. Donna Pottorff, and Technical Director Mr. Jax Wright will lead a trip to London consisting of Shakespearean Theatre and the history and culture of London. Starting just after school ends, students on this trip will spend just over a week exploring English culture. Students will go to many different theaters and immerse themselves in the history of the region. 


Spanish Teacher Ms. Laura Agront Hobbs and English Teacher Ms. Tamara Neiley are chaperoning a 10 day trip to Japan this summer. Students on this tour will explore religious diversity, and the effects of war on the region. The tour starts in Hiroshima where students will learn about the horrific past of the city and explore the city itself. From this trip, students will learn about Japanese culture, the religions in Japanese culture and the history of Japan as a whole. 


In June, students traveling to Morocco will spend 10 days immersing into Moroccan culture with Upper School Language Teacher Mrs. Edna May Hermosillo, Admissions Director Mr. Di’ere Fox and Upper School Counselor Mrs. Millaway. Students will explore the ICGL theme of “water” in Morocco as they will look at modern and ancient water systems. Social Entrepreneurship is another category that students will indulge in during their trip.

New Zealand

Also exploring water systems, students traveling to New Zealand will be accompanied by Art Teacher Mr. Donice Bloodworth, Fine Arts Director Mr. Sean Bryan, and English Teacher Mrs. Emily Washburn. This trip focuses on cultural awareness as well as global mindedness to prepare students for life after Pace. This trip will be just over 2 weeks long and takes place at the end of May. 


The Vietnam trip this summer will be 10 days long at the beginning of June where students will indulge in Vietnamese culture. This trip will be led by History Teacher Mrs. Mindy Lawrence and College Counselor Mrs. Amy Ruff. Students will look at the history of the Vietnam War along with the development of the region. The ICGL theme of “water” will also be looked at as students explore the rivers and deltas in Vietnam.

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