Once it was time to leave for the prom, students piled onto the various buses with their chaperones. They departed towards the venue of the night: King Plow in West Midtown. Students finally got to see what their “Knight in Paradise” would entail. Walking into a large, open venue, students scattered to various parts of the space. 

First upon walking in, students could pose for a 360 slow motion photo booth with their friends that creates fun videos from Prom, rather than pictures. With just one AirDrop, students could have these videos instantly. “Even though the line was super long, it was totally worth it. I’ll have that video forever,” said senior Jack Janko. 

Juniors have a blast on the dance floor.

Moving further into the room, a popular activity was the various casino tables. From blackjack to craps to roulette, some students spent the majority of their time across these tables. The food served as a delicious dinner included poke bowls, chicken sandwiches and tacos, not forgetting the slushie table that served refreshing cold drinks. 

The main attraction of this “Knight in Paradise” was ultimately the dance floor. Students piled onto the floor with their friends singing and dancing all through the night. “I spent the majority of my time dancing, and even though I was sweating by the end of it, I had a blast,” said junior Ellie Arenth. To close out the night, the DJ ended with the iconic “Sweet Caroline” that had kids belting at the top of their lungs. 

After, everyone loaded onto the buses once again, reminiscing about their night as they came back to campus to be picked up. “Although helping to plan the prom was a challenging new task for me,” said Junior Class President Ross Bernath, “Seeing everyone enjoying themselves made it all worth it, and it was awesome seeing it come to life.” 

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