Kevin freaks out after trying to use his dad’s aftershave in the movie poster. Photo:

Every December sparks the question: What is the best Christmas movie? It is, without a doubt, the Christmas classic: “Home Alone”. This movie is not only full of laughs, but reinforces the values that Christmas is supposed to be about: Appreciating time with family and spreading kindness through the holiday spirit. Even if they did leave him in the first place, Mr. and Mrs. McCallister made every effort to return home by Christmas so they could enjoy the holiday with their son, Kevin. While Kevin enjoys his first introduction to independence in a house alone by doing the laundry, grocery shopping and eating junk food, he discovers that he truly does miss his big family and learns the value of spending time with loved ones.

The movie not only instills important messages throughout the plot, but strays away from the common superficial ideas of Christmas including Santa and presents, unlike other movies such as “The Grinch” and “Elf”. This movie limits the idea of greed, and brings out a better representation of Christmas through Kevin’s perseverance against the two neighborhood robbers. It embarks on a sense of creativity and innovation, which is a good representation for kids around Kevin’s age as a viewer of the film. Although, regardless of age, everyone who watches “Home Alone” can instantly relate to Kevin and his pranks because it speaks to the child inside all watchers of the movie on a subconscious level. 

The fact that Kevin’s pranks work perfectly each time may be unrealistic, but it only enforces the idea of Christmas miracles. It brings a fun sense of light heartedness to the movie as the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, fail to get into the house. “Home Alone” will always remain a Christmas classic, and should go down as the best Christmas movie of all time for its ability to capture the magic of the season, no matter how many times it is watched.

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