Sophomore Greg Simons and 8th grader Thatcher Simmons spend the day outside on the hunt. Photo: Greg Simmons

School’s out and summer starts, time to have a fun relaxing stress free summer. WRONG! Summer is the best time for self-improvement, especially because while others are lounging around, you can catch up. Sophomore Jack Lynch challenged, “But I just worked so hard the whole school year, I deserve a relaxing party filled summer.” No, you deserve even better than that. Spending time partying, relaxing and scrolling through your phone is often fun in moderation, but many of us have no sense of moderation. I’m sure everyone has experienced one of those days where you spend all day inside on electronics. I can attest from personal experience that by the end of such days you feel depressed and exhausted. So how do you fix that. You must remain productive throughout the summer. The worst feeling in the summer is feeling endlessly bored. This happens because humans are creatures of habits and schedules, so having nothing to do is our bodies worst enemy. We can avoid these feelings by making a productive daily schedule and by sticking to that schedule even only by 30% you’ll enjoy your day much more. “But Hayes, what should I fill my schedule with, there’s nothing for me to do.” You are wrong again! There’s countless things to do including, working out, practicing a sport, going on a walk, journaling, practicing/learning an instrument, visiting your grandparents, hanging out with a friend, watering your garden, and simply doing whatever healthy habit you’re interested in. A day filled with activity is fulfilling, the alternative is boring. We’re all given the choice to take advantage of our time here on earth, and we tend to respect and look up to those who are very productive with their time. Productivity is rewarding, if you work hard, then you’ll feel good. That feeling of sadness and depression that acompanies one’s laziness is our bodies screaming at us to move and make a change in our lives. So make a change!

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