Sabrina Carpenter will perform all over the US for this year’s Jingle Ball. 
Photo: Instagram

The Jingle Ball in Atlanta is back for another year of festive fun this December. The Jingle Ball will be on Dec. 14 at State Farm Arena. Ashley York who attended last year’s Jingle Ball said “I loved getting to see such famous artists performing all at once and the fact that it was Christmas-themed made it even better!” York noted that “the State Farm Arena was decked out in Christmas and holiday decor and the vibes were unmatched.” York saw Tate McRae, Pitbull, Sam Smith, and so much more at last year’s Jingle Ball and said “It doesn’t even matter whose performing it is just so fun to dance with all my friends and hear great music.” This year’s lineup is one of the best with artists like Sabrina Carpenter, Ice Spice and Flo Rida. Ice Spice has only done a few solo performances in her new career, so seeing her show at the Jingle Ball is a note-worthy experience. Ice Spice’s songs like “Princess Diana” and “In Ha Mood” are upbeat, danceable, and great to sing along to this Christmas. Sabrina Carpenter will also be performing at this year’s Jingle Ball. Carpenters’ melodic songs will have you swaying and singing this holiday season. She will perform her popular song “Nonsense” with a handpicked outro for Atlanta’s Jingle Ball. One of the biggest artists at this year’s ball is Nicki Minaj. Minaj has a lot of songs and a huge stage presence so getting to see her at a venue like State Farm is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Minaj has a range of songs to see, her setlist will be exciting at this year’s Jingle Ball. Another huge artist performing this year is Flo Rida. Flo Rida has been popular for ages and hearing his infamous songs like “Low” and “Right Round” will make for an electric crowd. His rapping and numerous hits will be a great addition to this year’s ball. David Kushner is another singer who will be performing this year. His songs are slow and alternative for a change of pace at the Jingle Ball. His most popular song “Daylight” will be impressive to see live and surely will provide some amazing vocals. The wide variety of artists from Ice Spice to David Kushner will make for an excellent lineup and variety of performances at this year’s Jingle Ball.

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