A pastor and a football player walk into a bar. Or in this case, a debate stage. These two candidates, incumbent senator Rev. Raphael Warnock and challenger Herschel Walker will face off in the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8. A third-party candidate, Libertarian Chase Oliver, is also in theContinue Reading

After the final runoff between Atlanta mayor candidates Andre Dickens and Felicia Moore on Nov. 30, Atlanta voters elected Dickens as the Atlanta mayor. Replacing Keisha Lance Bottoms, Dickens (47 years old) is a veteran City Council member, former church deacon, businessman, nonprofit executive and native Atlantan. “Councilman Andre DickensContinue Reading

  Attending a music festival is a fantastic way to enjoy the performances of one’s favorite musical artists, and spend time outdoors with friends. Atlanta’s own Music Midtown and Shaky Knees festivals both occurred this fall, highly anticipated after a year off due to the pandemic. Pace students attended theseContinue Reading

October is National Adopt a Dog Month. There are dogs and other animals all over the world in need of a caring family, and there are many organizations trying to make this possible. It is our job to provide a loving home for the numerous dogs still waiting to beContinue Reading

As Nov. 2 approaches, competition for the 2021 Atlanta mayoral election is heating up. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), “campaigns and their supporters are right on time for starting the intense and emotional negativity,” as early voting for local elections began on Oct. 12. A recent poll by 11AliveContinue Reading

Atlanta’s art culture is being rapidly renovated by a unique free art movement. This movement, inspired by a furniture maker, now an artist called Evereman, is a collection of anonymous artists who create distinct pieces. These artists are known only by their twitter names. Artists then distribute their art throughoutContinue Reading

After the disaster that left thousands of cars stranded across Georgia’s highways two weeks earlier, a second winter storm struck Atlanta in the early hours of Feb. 12. Though predicted to be greater in severity, it turned out to be less of an issue because residents heeded the warnings ofContinue Reading

The front lawn of the Castle did not have appear to have as great of an accumulation as other fields on campus, because of the tall grass.

On Jan. 28, the entire Southeast felt the brunt of a powerful winter storm that covered the landscape with a few inches of snow and the roads with a sheet of ice. Pace students experienced a variety of effects from the unexpected polar blast, ranging from snow days to commuteContinue Reading

The sun starts to inch over the horizon as the starlit night turns to day; it is Saturday, April 6. While most teenagers lazily dream the morning away in their beds, Pace sophomores hustle back and forth with over 2,000 books, trinkets of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and anContinue Reading

Beginning in October, the FAC was transformed into a fine art photo gallery as part of the Atlanta Celebrates Photography photo festival. Photography exhibits were set up in over 150 different venues throughout the Southeast as part of the festival, with Pace being the venue for two exhibits: “A SenseContinue Reading

Has the speedy Katniss been shooting squirrels in your back yard with her bow and arrows? Has Peeta burned the bread at your local Panera? Has President Snow been cutting roses from your luscious garden? Have you seen the chic Cinna buying gold eye liner at Sephora? If so, don’tContinue Reading

At Pace, we seem to have an excessive number of fire drills every year. However prepared we may be, though, it is difficult to imagine what a real, all-consuming fire would be like. According to Director of Facilities Dave Fortier, Pace has never had any sort of fire whatsoever inContinue Reading