Taylor Swift sings during the “Fearless” Era of her tour. Photo: NewsBreakOriginal

The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift and the Renaissance Tour by Beyonce just might be the events of the year. As both artists journeyed around the globe, they not only captivated audiences of millions but also expanded their fandom and influence in the music industry. 

In her Eras Tour Swift takes listeners through her ten albums one by one, each with a very distinctive vibe and mood, along with impressive sets, costumes, and choreography. After not being on tour since 2018 for her hit album “Reputation,” in large part due to COVID-19, Taylor is making up for lost time by creating the concert of all concerts. Fans dress in outfits corresponding to a certain era that they like, and seem to know the words to every single song, even screaming along for 10 minutes straight to “All Too Well.” 

Beyonce stuns audiences with her incredible outfits and sets. Photo: People

On the other hand, Beyonce brings her traditional glittery outfits and impressive vocals up a notch in her Renaissance tour, where she incorporates both her older and newer songs to create an overall masterpiece. “The best part was when Blue Ivy [her daughter] came out,” said senior Eva Tucker. “It was so cool to watch them dance together on stage.” Her seamless transition from slower, more ballad-like songs to her upbeat, pulsing songs and dances make it an extraordinary event. 

Economically, both tours are setting records in the entertainment industry, unlike any other before. While there has previously never been a tour with a revenue of one billion dollars, both are expected to surpass that amount in ticket sales only, something unheard of. Another few billion dollars are projected to be brought in from each tour, coming from expenses including food, hotels, and transportation for fans traveling to watch. Economists say that Beyonce almost single handedly stopped the inflation rise in Sweden, where she began her tour. Between the large flight fare to Sweden and hotel fees, the tour’s financial effect countered Sweden’s economic issues dating back to the quarantine. A similar effect is expected of the Eras tour in Australia, which has been fighting to return to pre-pandemic levels. “Because she is holding concerts only in Sydney and Melbourne, swifties will be coming from other states and New Zealand and bring in money,” said Greg Jericho, an economic executive in Australia. 

But even more, both women confirm to the world their well-earned spots at the top of the music industry. Their well-over two hour performances, or marathons as some are calling them, show their true mastery and talent- with their tours they both managed to accomplish something very few other artists can do, at any point of time, man or woman. Their dedicated fandoms further prove their dominance and worldwide reach. Nicknamed the “Swifties” and the “Beyhive,” their followers have also given them cultural dominance, not only by selling out every possible show but also through online platforms that discuss, promote, and share their music. They are making a world where girls can look at celebrities and see both themselves and other women in powerful places, where positive role models can lead the way for them. The truth is, it’s Taylor and Beyonce’s world, and we’re all just living in it. 

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