After an eventful GAP week, the Class of 2023 officially wrapped up their last day of school on Apr. 28. 

Monday, Apr. 24, was bring your pet to school day. Dogs crowded the tent and left fragments of dog poop scattered around the Pace campus. Tuesday was alter ego day. Students dressed up as others in the community, including upper school math teacher Mr. Matthew Marsico.

Wednesday was the senior prank. In the morning assembly, senior Emma Beth Neville gave a brief presentation giving advice to the lowerclassmen on how to behave responsibly. As her presentation wrapped up, senior William “cum cum” Cummings gave his own take on the matter. He discussed the many rights we have as American citizens, including the right to “driving “ and “drinking.” Despite the amusement of the students, some upper school teachers were quite upset about the presentation, as the Head of Upper School Mr. Michael Gannon dismissed the seniors in the middle of Cummings’ presentation. 

Earlier, the seniors had transformed the Seaman Family Commons into a nightclub, with senior Grant Stebbins serving as the bouncer. The Commons temporarily became seniors only from Wednesday to Friday. 

Thursday was officially the last “normal” day of school for the seniors. Seniors would be caught sporting their college shirts as they took their senior class photo on the stairs outside the FAC. “Thursday was the first time I had actually put on a UGA shirt, and I really finally felt like high school was over,” said senior Jacob Greenwald. 

Friday was the big day: Gap Day. Per tradition, the seniors participated in the Gap Day parade that morning, celebrating their final day of high school. Then, they stormed into the FAC at 8 a.m., screaming the iconic “I am a senior” speech. 

At 10:00 a.m., the first Phlotilla races began. Freshman raced against each other in the cardboard boats they crafted. At 12:00 p.m., the GAP day picnic began. Students and faculty alike enjoyed chips, soda, burgers and hot dogs under the tent. Shortly after eating lunch, students brought tons of water balloons and water guns to the upper field for the water fight. Unfortunately, the fight was cut short due to a pipe bursting. 

To end this marvelous day, the students came to the FAC to watch the seniors’ goodbyes. The Yearbook Staff created a lengthy farewell video which made many students tear up. Then came the testimonials. These speeches were a bittersweet way to send off the Class of 2023.

Seniors shout the number of days the sophomores have left. Photo: Fred Assaf

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