Photo: Braves on Instagram

After an electric 2021 season, the Atlanta Braves seek to defend their title as the World Series Champions. After a slow start to their season, and their star player, Ronald Acuna’s, season-ending ACL tear, this led many analysts and reporters to count them out as a top team in the MLB, and definitely not World Series contenders. However, the Braves magically turned their season around. With decisive control from manager Brian “Snit” Snitker, the team brought in many stars such as Joc Pederson, Jorge Soler, Eddie Rosario, and Adam Duvall to make up for their losses. The Braves made their way through the playoffs, defeating the Dodgers to become National League champions and then the Astros to win the World Series.

After the season ended, the Braves continued their greatness with many excellent decisions. The team has many starters and stars locked into long-term contracts, reassuring the team’s superiority for years to come. Sadly, the team lost Atlanta’s golden boy, Freddie Freeman. Freddie had been on the roster since 2010 and has been the face of the franchise since. He has been the fan-favorite for years, bringing Baseball excellence no matter how well the team is doing, especially during the World Series where he got hot and led the boys to victory. However, the front office and Fred could not come to terms this year on a new contract and sadly he chased the bag and sided with the enemy, joining the Dodgers. Better yet, the Braves signed a stronger younger, more talented, first baseman, Matt Olson, to take his spot.

On Thursday, April 7, the Braves opened their 2022 season against the Cincinnati Reds. As fans packed Truist Park the world was ready to watch some baseball. Braves superfan, Brian Lee exclaimed, “I love the Braves so much, every time we get a hit I just want to jump up in the air and cheer!” Looking to solidify their spot as defending World Series Champions, the Braves sadly fell to the mediocre Reds. Maximum Fried, started well in the first inning, however, fell off and let the Reds pull ahead. Outside of Austin Riley going 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs and 1 homer, the rest of the team fell short with modest hitting. Still awaiting Ronald’s return, where he will likely be a designated hitter for a few games, the Braves are still looking strong and seek redemption with 3 more games in their 4 game series ending on the 10th. Chop on.

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