A Wookie sits in front of his hut credit: @legostarwarsgame

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was released on April 5, 2022. This game is the first time that users are able to play the stories of all nine “Star Wars” movies as well as discover 24 planets, unlock 380 playable characters and collect 119 ships, including the Death Star. 

“Star Wars” fans have been amazed at the graphics displayed in the game as well as the attention to detail when it comes to recreating the story of each “Star Wars” movie. Additionally, the creators have done a fantastic job voicing the characters in-game to make it as authentic as possible. Sophomore Ross Bernath said, “I really like how the game reflects the movies because the movies are great, so therefore the game would be too, and it is.”

Each movie has 5 missions along with it, and within each mission, users are able to collect studs, the currency in the game in order to unlock new things, minikits, a way of unlocking miniaturized ships and submissions within the targeted goal. Sophomore JD Maske said, “I love how each mission is special, and they really focus on how it went down in the movie. Sometimes I struggle a little with them, but in the end, it is so much fun.”

The creators of the game have done an excellent job of adding a level of childish humor to cover up the more “dark” scenes in the original movies. Freshman Drew Thompson said, “The game makes me laugh, it is really funny.” A lot of fans have been pleased with the extra layer of humor because while the game is made for a younger audience, the majority of the “Star Wars” fan base is older, and the more violent scenes could not be added into the game.

The new game has created a strong addiction, causing lots of intense late nights for players. Junior Aidan Carrol said, “I bought the game this weekend and had eight of the nine movies completed in one night. I had it downloaded around five and was up till 3 playing it until I finally fell asleep.” The new “Star Wars” game has impressed a multitude of fans and has most wishing the story was even longer so they can keep enjoying the fun.

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