The freshmen are typically only 14 years old when they arrive on campus to start training for the season, so they are still developing as young men. “The coaches have really helped us develop, not only physically, but also understanding the game better,” said freshman Nile Bennett. The upperclassmen onContinue Reading

With Super Bowl LII approaching on Feb. 4, airing at 6:30 p.m. on NBC, the New England Patriots will look to win their sixth championship while the underdog Philadelphia Eagles will attempt to win their first ever Super Bowl. Both of these teams held the best record in their conferencesContinue Reading

Gymnastics, often called “le sport de la mort” by its participants, is one of the most rigorous and strain-inducing sports offered by Pace Academy. It’s a big time commitment, rough on the knees, and yet so rewarding. The JV team practices at a minimum four times a week, while varsity practicesContinue Reading