As school comes back into session, students are looking back on a fun and eventful summer. While many students enjoyed vacations or camps, others had more free time and picked up a job to get some extra money and experience. Here are some students’ favorite and least favorite moments about their job this past summer.

Senior Asher Lubin smiles for the camera. Photo: Asher Lubin

Sophomore Ashley York worked her first job at West Stride, a running and athletic store, on West Paces Ferry. York says “I enjoyed meeting new people and getting some experience in customer service.” She spent her summer fitting shoes for customers, ringing them up and helping them place orders. She plans on doing this job again next summer or working into the school year in her free time. “My favorite part of this job was when my friends would stop by to see me, or when we ran events for Pace students to attend. The most challenging parts of it were probably the early hours,” York says. 

Up in Washington D.C., senior Asher Lubin worked for the National Republican Congressional Committee. He organized fundraising events for the finance department and overlooked donor records. “I truly enjoyed my job, learning more about our country and how it functions, and I got to meet some pretty amazing people and got some more financial experience, but I will probably work in a different field next summer,” Lubin says. 

Though some people worked traditional jobs, summer opens up opportunities to have more fun in the sun. Sophomore Madelyn Adams enjoyed her job as a lifeguard at Brookwood Hills Community Pool. Adams says “I loved being able to work with my friends and connect with more kids.” Adams also had to go through an intense training program to become a lifeguard and learn the safety precautions. Adams says “the hardest part of my job was definitely juggling having to clean up around the pool and watching everyone in the pool to make sure they are safe.”  

Junior Reid Richardson had a similar job running his own camp over the summer. This camp was a sports centered camp called Camp G.O.A.T and he ran it with his friends for kids in his neighborhood. At the end of the sessions, all the kids competed in an “Olympics.” Richardson says “I really enjoyed being with the kids and making memories with them and the other counselors.” He plans on doing this again next summer making it his fifth summer in a row running it.

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